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One glance around revealed Esmerelda, my true captor, standing a few steps away. She watched me, appearing amused by the fight I put up as I was carried into an office. Judging by the high windows and the concrete walls, I guessed I was in some kind of warehouse.

“You tried to run.” She tilted her head with a small smile, but her tone was chastising.

“I didn’t—”

“Don’t insult my intelligence, girl. If your little boyfriend hadn’t snagged you at the airport, I would have. You might even say he saved you… or delayed the inevitable.”

“I can’t do what you asked, so I guess you’re here to kill me.” This would be the moment I began begging for my life, but the words remained painfully lodged in my throat. She threw her head back and the room filled with the grating sound of her laughter as if I’d just told a joke. When she recovered, her gaze settled on me with a shake of her head.

“Do you still have the gift I gave you? I assume since you haven’t done what I asked, you do.”

“Yes, I still have it.” Oh, God. But why do I still have it?

“Good.” She signaled to the man holding my arms and thankfully, his vicious grip lessened. I knew the damage had already been done, and I would have bruises in the morning if I survived this somehow. “I’m not going to kill you today.”

“You’re too kind,” I answered half-heartedly. My sarcasm wasn’t lost on her. Her lips fell from the teasing, fake smile to an honest line of displeasure.

“It occurred to me that simply threatening your life wasn’t enough. You obviously cannot be motivated by just your life, so I’m taking the liberty of offering your family as well.”

“M—my family?”

“Your mother, father, and your cute little brother.”

“Don’t touch my family, you poisonous bitch!” I charged but got nowhere before I heard the slap from snaggle tooth—hearing it more than I felt it. “Is that all you got?” I mocked even while my skin felt as it had just caught fire.

“I’m afraid I certainly will. 45 Sandwell Lane. The pitiful little house on the corner.”


“I know where your family lives—and every move they make,” she answered slowly as if I were short a brain. “And I intend to kill them if you do not complete the task.”

“The task? Killing a man is not a task and my family has nothing to do with this.” I wanted to argue that neither did I, but I was already in too deep.

“Yes, but every war has casualties and sadly, I did not start this war. Your friend did.”

“He’s not my friend.”

“Then you shouldn’t have a problem.”

“I can’t kill him.”

The older woman pushed away from the table and approached me with slow but sure steps. “You can, Little Tree. And, darling, you will because, if I have to kill him myself, I won’t stop there. I’ll kill the little gem-eyed bitch he betrayed my husband for and I’ll kill his family—including the adorable little darling. I’ll even kill that handsome hunk of meat I stole you from. I’ll kill everyone, my dear. Make no mistake about that.”

I shook my head and gritted my teeth as if it could stop my tears from flowing. “It’s impossible.”

“Nonsense. I’m only asking for one life. His life for all the rest.”

“I’m not a murderer.”

“But you are. If you don’t kill him, you will be responsible for many more deaths rather than just one.”

“Fine. I’ll do it.”

“You said that last time. I want proof as reassurance before your family is safe again.”


“Yes, bring me something of his.” She smiled.

My nervousness raced alongside confusion. “Like a piece of jewelry?” Did Keiran even wear jewelry?

“No, something better than that. Bring me a piece of him.” She snapped her fingers at the men as if they were dogs, and a man with a deep and ragged scar across his chin stepped forward with the sack. “Oh, one more thing.”


“When you kill Keiran… should you kill Keiran… you might do yourself a favor and take care of your boyfriend, too.”

I sucked in air and prayed she wouldn’t order me to kill Dash for my family, too. “Why would I do that?”

“Do you really think he will ever forgive you after you’ve murdered his best friend? Men rarely admit to loving one another, but chances are, he loved him long before he made his way between your thighs. One guess where his loyalty lies?”

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