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“You know your father and I were best friends once.” I shook my head no and managed to hide my surprise. “We were college buddies and roommates. We shared everything together, even women.”

I shifted feeling uncomfortable at the possible direction this conversation was headed. “I don’t need to hear about my father’s sexcapades.” Or yours.

“Your father is a thief. It’s why our friendship ended. He first took something I thought was valuable to me, but I forgave, and then he tried to steal my company when I wouldn’t sell.”

I knew my father had attempted a hostile takeover, but what I hadn’t known was that he did it while they were friends. Sometimes I couldn’t believe the lengths my father would go to for money.

“So, you believe you are ready?” he asked, breaking me from my thoughts.

“I believe I don’t have much choice.” Simon was searching for a weakness. Dissension between my father and me.

“I always thought I’d have a son to pass everything to, but now it looks like there are two things that won’t ever happen.”

“Don’t beat yourself up. Your company can prosper for many more years if you can defeat your ego and accept help.”

“Help? There’s no help. I’m a pawn to feed your father’s greed.”

“I told you I’m not here following orders.”

“No. You’re here to rebel.”

“Then we can help each other.”

“I’m curious. How do you plan to help me?”

“A merger. The merger will consist of Chambers M&A Holdings purchasing fifty percent of Simon Acquisitions—”

“You’re out of your mind.”

“And you’ll get to keep your company name on the front door.”

“Impossible. Your father will never go for it.”

“It’s no longer my father’s company.”

“I imagine he still has some power. He’s head of the board, is he not?”

“Chambers M&A Holdings will not own Simon Acquisitions. What does a name matter?”

“It matters because I won’t do it.”

“What about your own board members?”

“What about them?”

“Will they agree?”

“Are you threatening me?”

“I’m pointing out that soon the decision will no longer be yours to make. Do you think I’m the only one who thought of a secret rendezvous in a bar? How long before your stakeholders demand results? Your company is broke. I’m willing to sponsor.”

“Forty-nine percent.”


* * *

My phone rang in my pocket as I left the warmth of the bar for the frigid air of the night. The alert sounded more like an alarm than a ring, feeling like a bad omen. I studied the caller ID seeing Fisher’s name flash on the screen. I swiped to answer and was immediately greeted by daunting words.

“Boss, we have a situation.”

“Is she okay?”

“They took her.”

“I’m on my way.”

I cursed myself for leaving my car behind and ran the entire distance back to the office. Once I was in my car, I sped home, twisting the steering wheel and eating up the miles between me and whoever had the lack of fucking brains to touch what’s mine.

The building and surrounding area was alive with police and ambulances. People stood around clutching one another in the midst of the terror that took place.


The elevators were shut down so I took the stairs all the way to the top of the high rise. I barely noticed the pounding of my heart that had nothing to do with the physical labor of the stairs and everything to do with the unknown.

Fisher was waiting at the top of the stairs with a grim expression. He was never one to give into smiles, but the stress lining his face was the first indication of the damage. The blood and bruises on his skin also told me he fought hard and for that reason only, I wouldn’t fire him for losing Angel.

“Who?” I moved straight into an interrogation. I didn’t have time for pleasantries without information.

“I didn’t get a good look. It was hard and fast.”

“How did they get in?” I bit out through clenched teeth.

“One of the men folded.”

“I want him dead.”

“He already is.” Fisher cracked open the door and pointed to the body bag being led out. “Their people took care of him once they were in.”


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