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“She’s going to the airport, isn’t she?”

“We’ll know soon. She’s still on the move, but we’re on her tail. Should we stop her?”

“No. Wherever she’s going, I want you to follow. Find out what flight she’s boarding and report back to me.”


After almost four years, I would finally find out where she had run to and where she had been hiding from me. I pressed the speed dial for my assistant who picked up immediately despite it being Sunday. “Celesha, I want the jet fueled and piloted. You have thirty minutes.”

By the time I had reached the airport with my security team, I had a change of heart and canceled the jet. I could barely restrain myself as I ripped off the seat belt and tore from the car.

She wasn’t going anywhere.

I managed to arrive right on the heels of her arrival and made a mental note to give my assistant a raise.

I charged for the airport, and it was a wonder the pavement didn’t crack under the forceful pounding of my footsteps. I was running by the time I reached the main entrance. I wanted my face to be the first thing she saw the moment she realized she almost escaped again.

My men by now were already guarding every entrance. I made it to the departure gate where a large crowd of people shuffled about or waited for a passenger to board. It wasn’t long before I spotted her copper colored hair, only it wasn’t styled in its usual mass of craziness. Instead, she had it pulled back into a tight bun, and as the crowd parted, I caught sight of her clothing.

Crisp lines and dull colors covered her luscious frame. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I took in the tight cream, knee-length skirt, and sheer white blouse cut low to reveal the top of her breasts and the splatter of freckles.

Oh, how well I remembered those fucking freckles.

My gaze landed on the cream pumps hugging her feet. I felt my dick harden as a vision of her wearing those pumps with her legs wrapped around my neck while I drove into her flooded my head.

I was so wrapped up in that vision that I hadn’t realized she had come to stand before me until she spoke.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Her voice was full of venom, which to my perverse mind sounded sexy as hell.

“Making yet another mistake, apparently. You look… different.” She hadn’t been dressed like this yesterday or had she? Given the events that had taken place, I never stopped to notice her clothing.

“I had to grow up. Isn’t that what kids are supposed to do? We grow up and let go of childhood dreams and take on responsibilities.”

“Is that you or your mother speaking?”

“Does it matter? We’re not seventeen anymore, Dash.”

“So she finally did it. She turned you into the daughter she wanted and made you let go of who she couldn’t be bothered with.”

“Don’t speak of what you don’t know. It’s been four years, Dash. You don’t know me anymore.”

“Not quite.”

“Excuse me?”

“It hasn’t quite been four years.”

“You counted?”

“No. I’m just better at math than you, apparently.” I had enjoyed the quick sulk before she covered it up.

“Why are you following me?”

“I wanted to see what rock you were running to crawl back under.”

“That’s none of your business. Excuse me.” She attempted to walk around me, but my hand on her arm stayed her. “There is an airport full of people in case you haven’t noticed. Move or I’ll scream.”

“It wouldn’t matter. I’ll be taken into custody and you’ll escape—maybe.” The quirk of my lips and confidence in my threat had steam shooting from her ears. “One phone call later I’d be released…” I leaned forward as if to kiss her but stopped short. “And I’ll still know where you are.”

“I don’t have time for this.” I set her arm free when she tugged and watched her make for the exit instead of the departure lane. She had only a small bag on her shoulder that couldn’t hold more than a day’s worth of clothing. Whatever reason she had for coming to Six Forks wasn’t something long term, which only intrigued and irritated me more.

I followed her out of the airport and behind the head of my security who was already on her tail. She looked back as if sensing me or just out of pure instinct. When she spotted me, I could make out the curse that fell from her lips as she picked up speed.

When she made a quick detour to a nearby security officer, I gave the signal.

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