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“I feel like a frenzy of emotions has taken over. Love. Happiness. Excitement.” But what I was feeling wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. “Fear. Worry. Anxiety.”

“You’re not imagining any of this. It’s real. And trust me … it’s going to get worse. I was going out of my mind with worry about the next stunt Marsala would pull to get to Chansey. And then the babies came and I had them to worry about as well. Killing her was my only option. Even if it meant never knowing what a blood jewel was.”

Now I’m able to see why he didn’t hesitate. It didn’t matter what it meant to be a blood jewel if Marsala killed Chansey. “I didn’t let it show but I was very angry with you for a long time. When you killed Marsala, I thought you snuffed out my only lead for finding out what it meant for Avery to be a blood jewel . Now I understand why you had to do it and I’m sorry I didn’t trust your judgement or take Chansey’s safety into account.”

“Marsala had no limits when it came to wanting me and the babies. I didn’t want to kill her but she gave me no choice. She was evil in its purest form. I knew Chansey and the twins would never be safe as long as she lived.”

He didn’t have to explain. “It was the right decision. Just like it’ll be the right choice to kill Vincent and anyone associated with him when we find them.”


Chapter Thirteen

We stand at the door of the first vampire residence and wait for someone to answer. A young human girl not more than a day over sixteen swings it open. The whites of her eyes almost glow in the moonlight from the excessive black kohl smudged around them. Her make-up is overdone, just like the drugstore black hair dye covering her natural blond locks. “Who are you and what do you want?”

I feel like I should be asking if her mommy and daddy are home. “We’d like to see the owner of the house.”

She crosses her arms and appears annoyed. “He’s busy.”

We didn’t have time for games. “Maybe I should rephrase. Take us to the leader of this coven. Now.”

“Show them in Kaiden,” I hear a calm, male voice call out. We follow the young girl to a room at the back of the house where four young male vampires surround a television. All of them are consumed by the video game they’re playing. “I’m in the middle of something. What do you want?”

I watch his eyes so I can gage any reaction he might display. “We’re looking for a brother and sister living in the Savannah area. Vincent and Gloriana Godfrey.”

He doesn’t hesitate. “Never heard of ‘em.” I see no reaction so I believe he’s telling the truth.

“Has there been any talk in the community about some special kind of blood?”

“Yeah. I heard something about that a few months ago. Got invited to some big party where they were sharing but I didn’t go.” He takes his eyes from the television for a brief moment and gestures toward the young girl. “I’ve got my blood doll.” He puckers his lips and makes a kissing sound at the girl. “I don’t need their blood when I have my own personal supply anytime I want it. Ain’t that right, Kaiden?”

The girl is pleased by this vampire’s show of affection for her. Too bad it’s a fake endearment to make her think he cares about her and not her blood. “That’s right, baby. Anytime.”

He is using her as a meal ticket. Hadn’t I seen this done a thousand times before? But who was I to judge? Hadn’t I done the same thing? We all had at some point. Hell … I hadn’t realized it at the time but I’d agree to it not so long ago with my own agápe.

Curry appears annoyed and steps between the vampires and the flat screen. “Do you know of any other vampires living within the Savannah Squares?”

One of them pauses the game. “The only ones I know of live in the Victorian District over by Forsyth Park but we don’t hang. They’re not really into the same kind of things we are.”

Curry laughs but not because he’s amused. “Which would be teenage girls and video games?”

“Dude, don’t judge me.” He tosses the controller onto the couch. “I was seventeen when I was turned so I’m never going to grow up. This is it for me. I’ve achieved my maximum level of maturity.” He barely looks fifteen. His voice hadn’t even matured yet. Whoever did this to him should rot in hell. Forever.

“I’m gonna leave my number.” I take one of my cards from my wallet to give to him. “Please call if you hear any word circulating on that special blood again.”

He tosses it on the coffee table. “Will do.”

We leave the house of teen vamps and walk toward our next destination. “That was … I don’t even know what I think that was.” Weird? Strange? Freaky? All of those words are fitting.

“What about the girl?” Curry asks. “Should we do something about that?”

Kaiden’s presence is consensual. There isn’t anything to be done. “She is there of her own free will. Those guys are too wrapped up in their video game to stop her from leaving if she wants.”

“But she’s so young.” Curry has always had a soft place in his heart for any girl that reminded him of his sister. “Can a girl her age possibly have the mental capacity to make that kind of decision?”

She’s likely looking for affection because she doesn’t get any at home. This little creep is probably the first guy to come along and tell her she’s special. “It’s not for us to say. She didn’t appear harmed and they aren’t out of control so it isn’t a Landra issue.”

We knock on the door of the second residence and wait. I’m afraid but it has nothing to do with the vampires we’re about to become acquainted with. I’m terrified they will know nothing about Vincent or his whereabouts and we’ll be no better off than we were last night if they have no information for us.

A male vampire answers the door. He’s older than me–at least four hundred–despite his midtwenties appearance and modern clothing. He’s blond with bright blue eyes and a narrow nose. I’d guess he’s Northern European–or at least his ancestors were.

“Hello.” He still has an accent after four centuries but I can’t quite put my finger on its origin.

After I introduce myself and the others, the vampire identifies himself as Giermund–definitely a viking name–and invites us inside his home. “This is my mate, Runa.”

“Hello.” Her appearance is similar to Giermund’s–blond with light eyes and a narrow bridge of her nose. I suspect they are human siblings–quite possibly with the same maker–since that wouldn’t have been an unusual practice several centuries ago.

“We won’t take much of your time.” I tell the couple about our search for Vincent. I even confide our reason why, minus the part about the blood jewel. It’s a risk but one I’m willing to take at this point because this pair would be familiar with the agápe legend. And also because I feel my desperation growing. These vampires are mates so I take a chance hoping they will understand our urgent desire to rescue our beloveds from their captor.

“I’ve never heard of Vincent Godfrey or his coven but Runa and I don’t agree with the practices of most vampires so we choose to not socialize with them.”

I give Giermund my card. “Thank you for your time and please call if you hear anything you think might aid in finding our mates. Even if seems unimportant.”

He looks at the card and then back to me. “You’re with the Coven of Landra?”

“Yes. I’m head of the Savannah compound.”

“Runa and I have lived by Landra standards for more than a century and we feel we have a calling to help other vampires. Would you mind talking to us about joining once the problem with your mates is resolved?”

Allowing others into our circle would mean them knowing the truth about Avery and Chansey. I had no basis other than gut instinct alone but it told me an interview with Giermund and Runa was worth exploring. “We would love to talk with you further. We’ll be in touch.”

Chapter Fourteen

Last night’s search was fruitless. Tonight’s has been as well so Curry will be forced to tell Anna the bad news when she arrives at the compound within the hour. “What did you tell Chansey’s grandmother when you called?”

“That Chansey was overwhelmed with the twins but too stubborn to ask for her help. I played the part of the dumb vampire husband that didn’t know what to do.”

“The part about you being dumb isn’t that far from the truth.”

He laughs at my wisecrack. It’s been too long since I’ve taken a cheap shot at him and I look forward to getting our agápes home so we can return to normal. “It’s true. I was ignorant when it came to taking care of babies. But in my defense, I’ve never had a reason to learn. I think I’ve caught on pretty quickly.”

Curry is a pro at being a father to his twins. “You know I’m joking. You look like you know exactly what you’re doing with your kiddos.”

“I couldn’t do any of it without Chansey. She taught me everything.” He places a hand on my shoulder. “And Avery will teach you when the time comes.”

I’ve smiling inside because I’m thinking of happier times–a future that includes me, Avery, and our child. Or children. Twins are a definite possibility.

My happy thoughts end because I’m unexpectedly engulfed by a sudden wave of weakness from Avery. And then I feel … abyss. There hasn’t been a time when I felt an emptiness like this from her. Something has definitely gone wrong.

My expression paints a picture of worry. “What is it, Sol?”

“Something has happened to Avery. Everything felt fine one minute and then she suddenly weakened. Now I feel nothing from her.” I’m panicking as I imagine the worst–that Vincent has killed her.

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