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“Touch me and find out.”

His hand moves lower, teasing me between my legs. “Holy fuck,” he grunts, sliding my panties down to my knees. His fingers dip inside me, moving in a steady rhythm as I moan against his touch. His lips press against my back, licking and kissing my skin. “What do you want, angel? Tell me and I’ll give it to you.”

“You, Ben. I want you.”

“And you’re going to get me, sweetheart. But I want you to be specific right now. Do you want me to make you come like this?”

I groan loudly into the mattress. Jesus. His fingers are like magic. I am certain he can get me off in two seconds with them if he wants to. But I know what he wants to hear and what I want him to give me. “I want you to do whatever you want with me. Take what you need and don’t hold back. This belongs to you.”

“Yes, baby.” He removes his fingers and the sound of him sucking on them nearly pushes me over the edge. And then I hear his belt loosening and I’m reminded of one more very important thing. This needs to be said before he uses my body for his own pleasure. This is my fantasy as much as it is his.

“Leave your uniform on.”

“Fuck yes.” The sound of a zipper lowering is the last noise I hear before he enters me. We both moan together, his louder than mine, as his hands grip my forearms. “Christ, you’re perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard.”

He moves in and out of me, taking what he needs. His power during sex is immeasurable. The way his grip tightens on me, the way his hips slam against my backside. He is fucking me with such force, such greedy need. And God, I want everything he is giving me. I want him to possess every inch of me. I am certain my body is specifically made for his pleasure and his for mine. Our sounds and his words to me ring out around us. He tells me how badly he wants me. How nothing has ever felt like this. And how he’ll never get enough. I feel everything he gives me and every word he speaks. This is what being in love feels like. Raw. Honest. He makes me feel beautiful and wanted, even in this vulnerable position. When he’s close to losing it, he presses his lips to my ear and his fingers find my clit. And when he tells me to fucking come, my body answers him immediately.

I’m panting into the comforter, trying to steady my breathing as he unfastens the handcuffs. But I know we’re not done. If I’ve learned anything from being with Ben, it’s that my insatiable hunger for him will always be met by his need for me. We’ll never be easily gratified when it comes to each other. Even after we’ve given every piece of ourselves, we’ll still want more. His hands massage my wrists, rubbing the life back into them as I turn over onto my back. My panties are finally removed and he tosses them somewhere off the bed. He pushes my one leg close to my body as he enters me, grinding his hips against mine.

“Keep your eyes on me,” he commands as his forehead beads up with sweat. He grips my other knee and pushes it against my chest, leaning his hard body into mine and stroking me deeper.

Even if I wanted to look away, which I don’t, let’s be clear about that, I doubt I’d be able to. Him fucking me in his uniform has gone way past any expectation I could’ve conjured up. I watch his eyes and the possessive gleam in them. The fullness of his mouth and how it stays slightly parted. The tease of his tongue as it licks the corner of his lips. My eyes dart up to his hair and I want to grab it, to pull it hard and bring his mouth down to me. To steal that tongue of his and hold it captive in my mouth and between my legs.

But it’s his eyes that command the most attention from me. He doesn’t just look at me like a man who as he so eloquently put it, is starved for my pussy. He looks at me like a man who would do anything for it. Who would do anything for me. It’s a look that would completely throw me off balance if I wasn’t prepared for it.

But I’m prepared.

“Talk to me.”

His lip twitches with that knowing smile of his and he slides out of me, grabbing me by my neck and sitting me up so we’re face to face. I’m pulled into his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist and he brings his mouth to mine. “And say what, angel? That I could kiss you for hours. That I love the taste of you on my tongue.” He licks along my bottom lip and I open up for him, allowing him the access we both want. He explores my mouth, breathing his fire into me and setting me ablaze from the inside out. And then he breaks our kiss and presses his lips to my ear, his hands holding me tightly against him. “You’re going to have to be specific. There are a lot of things I could say to you right now.” His voice is a low rumble, like thunder in the distance. He leans back and commands my attention with the storm in his eyes.

I shift in his lap so he brushes against my entrance. “I want all your words. I want to be filled with them so that when I go home, I’ll never forget how I made you feel.” I’m hovering over him, wet and ready when he grips my hips and prevents me from lowering myself onto him.

He brushes his lips along my jaw, nipping at my skin. “You are home,” he whispers. I lower my face into the crook of his neck, biting back the tears that sting my eyes. He strokes my hair with one hand, his other still firmly holding me above him. “I’ll always want this, Mia. I could have you every day for the rest of my life and I’d never get enough of you.”

“Me too,” I say, finally leaning back and letting him see my face. He reaches up and brushes the tear off my cheek with his thumb. A smile teases my lips and he gives me one in return. “Can I have it now?” I ask, shifting in his arms so he brushes against my clit. A gasp escapes my lips when he applies the slightest amount of pressure to my swollen sex.

“You want it?”

I nod, slowly, emphasizing my desire. He eases me down onto him, grunting when I’m fully seated. I let him take the lead, moving my hips in the rhythm he wants. He keeps his eyes on my mouth, a constant of his that I love. He isn’t ashamed about his obsession with certain parts of my body and I’ll gladly let him stare at me with that wild hunger of his. His one hand digs into my hip while the other pushes on the center of my back, arching me up so he can take my left breast into his mouth.

“Ben, my God.”

I watch him leave bite marks all over my chest, whimpering each time I feel his teeth graze my skin. He tilts my head, giving him access to my neck while his other hand grabs my ass and grinds me into him. I rake down his back through his shirt and he groans against my shoulder.

“Fuck. Get there, baby. I’m not coming without you.”

I rock harder into him. “Bite me.” His teeth skim over my shoulder and then I feel it. The sharp sting that pulls a gasp out of me like I’ve been starving for a breath. “Ben.” My orgasm knots in my stomach, radiating up to my chest and I grab his face and make him look at me. “Coming. Now.” I can barely get my words out as my climax takes over, burning me from the inside out. I fall around him, a pile of embers as he gives me his release.

My eyes are already closing when he positions me on the bed so my head can rest on a pillow. And the sensation of the bed dipping next to me and his lips on my forehead are the last thing I register before I slip into a dream.



* * *



I know I’m alone before I open my eyes. His body isn’t tangled with mine, his breath isn’t blowing on my skin, and I simply feel like a part of me is missing. I rub my face into the pillow before opening my eyes. And there, lying in the spot that belongs to Ben is a bouquet of sunflowers. I could cry right here. And I do.

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