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Awkward is not a word I would have ever thought I’d use for Stone, but it’s what he does. Hell, I’m awkward about it, too, but my need to know pushes me past that, so I keep asking him. He keeps giving me the brush off, and it’s hard to ask a man you have a giant crush on when you can finally get the sex on.

“From what Dominic says, you feel it when it happens,” Ruby chimes in softly, smiling at me. I really like Ruby. She seems to fit with me more than anyone else. She has wild red hair and a curvy body like I do. All the shifters around here are tall and lean. I kind of stick out, but since Ruby is human she doesn’t carry their traits, so we kind of have that in common, too. Well, except for what her mate Dominic gave her during mating.

Like me, Ruby is an outsider who was invited into the pack. I feel like she gets me a little better than most, but if you ask me she still seems to fit better than I do.

“Yeah. You’re right. I’m just super emotional today. I keep crying. Sorry,” I tell them both, trying to give the best smile I can. I don’t want this to turn into a pity party. I came here to have a good time, to get my mind off things, and mostly to get away from my stepsisters. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was pregnant,” I joke about my tears, making everyone laugh.

“Tell me about it. The last time I was this crazy with hormones I was—” Gwen pauses for a moment as if a thought hits her. “Winnie, you don’t think—”

She’s cut off by the front door bursting open, making me jump to my feet, to reveal Stone standing in the doorway.

Xavier and Dominic are in front of us in under a second, both half-shifted as if ready to fight.

Stone stands there, breathing hard and looking like he just ran a hundred miles. He’s nearly rabid as he looks past X and Dom, glaring at me. His snarl echoes through the room, making my heart thunder in my chest. I don’t feel fear, though. No, it’s something else. Then one word leaves his lips.


He’s on me before anyone can move, lifting me to his body. My legs go around his waist, and my hands go to his shoulders as I try to keep myself balanced. My back hits a wall, and I don’t even register moving. Before I can say anything, Stone buries his face in my neck, and I feel his teeth. The sharp fangs are on me before I make a sound and he bites. Hard.

I expect to feel pain as my body tenses with anticipation, but instead white-hot passion like nothing I’ve ever felt rips through me. My eyes fall closed as a moan pours from my mouth. My body jerks, grinding against him as the pleasure shoots through my body all the way down to my toes.

When I sink back to reality, I feel Stone’s tongue swipe the spot he just marked, and my eyes pop open.

“Mine,” he says against my skin.

I see everyone in the room just staring right at us. It’s then I realize I just came in a room full of people as Stone claimed me as his.

Gwen’s eyes look like they’re about to bulge out of her head, and both X and Dom look like they’re not sure what they should be doing. I think they’re waiting for me to say something, but I’m not sure what to say.

I thought when mates found each other, they were all over one another. Well, Stone’s all over me, but all I want to do is push him off me. I feel my heart start to beat faster, and I’m sure everyone in the room can hear it.

Stone seems unconcerned with everything as he continues to lick and nuzzle at my neck as everyone stares at us.

How long have I wanted Stone’s attention? How long have I begged him to see me, to let me stay? Now it seems I have it, and now I don’t want it. As part of me wants to welcome it, the other part reminds me he’s only picking me because he has to. Nature made him do it.

The thought makes a sob rip from my throat.

Stone freezes at the sound, and a growl from deep in his chest fills the room. He quickly places me on the floor and turns like he’s going to protect me, not knowing he’s the cause of the sounds.

“You need to calm down, Alpha,” I hear Dom say. I can’t see anything around Stone’s big body. I try to slide out from behind him, but he backs up, pinning me in so I can’t retreat.

“Mine,” he says again, like he doesn’t know another word. I’ve never seen him like this. So out of control.

“No one is saying she’s not yours. I can just smell her blood,” Dominic tries again.

My hand reaches for my neck to touch the spot where he bit me.

Stone turns to look down at me, running his hungry eyes up and down my body, making me feel naked. My traitorous nipples harden his stare.

“Did I hurt you?” His words come out deep, and I can tell his wolf is trying to break free. I just stand there, staring up at him, not sure what to say. Before I can stop myself I lash out.

“When haven’t you hurt me?”

2 Stone

“What?” I look down into Winnie’s tear-filled eyes in confusion. The way she says it, it makes me know she doesn't mean the bite. I’d never hurt her. Everything I’ve done when it came to her was for her own protection. To keep from hurting her.

I’d followed Winnie to Gwen and Xavier’s house today. I always watch her, so this wasn’t anything new. It’s a habit I haven't been able to drop over the years, no matter how many times I tried. No matter where she is or what she’s doing, I’ve always got my eyes on her. I get restless whenever I lose sight of her. But today, I knew where she was going, so I waited before I trailed them.

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