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I stalk towards her, not breaking my stride as I pick her up and push her against the wall behind her. My mouth goes to her neck as my hand goes down to my jeans, unbuttoning them and freeing my cock.

Winnie moans as my tongue licks her neck, and my cock finds her warm welcoming center. She’s still not wearing any panties after I ripped them from her this morning, and it makes my cock even harder knowing that I’ve got full access to her.

I thrust hard, and Winnie moans loudly, clinging to me with her arms and legs.

Her pussy clenches around me, and I feel her sweetness coat my cock as I move in and out of her. I keep her soft body pinned to the wall as the thick ridge of my cock penetrates her tightness, every inch of me pressing inside her.

“Stone,” Winnie moans, reaching up to grip my hair.

I bite down just a little. The firm touch has her clenching even harder around me, a fast orgasm flowing through her.

“Yes. More. Please.”

“Anything you want, my little cub. Anything.”

I feel her lips against my ear, licking the shell of it, and it sends shivers down my back. My wolf is so close to the edge, he growls with excitement. That sensitive spot is his favorite. I feel my eyes changing, but I keep a tight hold on him as I thrust in and out of Winnie. My claws come out a bit as I grip her hips tighter, needing to rut into her as far as I can.

“Bite me,” she whispers in my ear, and I do as she asks.

As I move my lips down her neck, I pull the top of her dress down, exposing her breasts. I take the soft flesh in my mouth. I gently bite the milky-white side, just barely breaking the skin.

At the slight taste of blood, my cock pulses, and I cum inside her. As I lick the wound and seal it, I feel her clench around me, cumming with me and opening her body up to take my seed. I keep thrusting through the orgasm, knowing I have at least one more in me before I can be calmed.

Lowering us to the floor, I pull out and turn Winnie on her knees right in the middle of the kitchen of the bakery.

“Bend down, little cub. I want your ass in the air for me.”

Winnie spreads her legs and lowers onto her elbows. Her ass is high up, and I can’t help but lean down, licking each fat cheek and giving them each a soft bite. As I move my tongue across each one, Winnie wiggles a little and starts to whine.

“Do you need me, mate?” I ask, smiling against her skin.

“Don’t tease me, Stone. We’ve got time for that once you get me home.”

She’s right, and I realize that this isn’t the most secure place for this, but I’ll have her once more before I take her home.

I sit up and press the thick head of my cock to her opening, pushing inside her. She’s dripping sweetness, so my cock glides smoothly into her tight channel. She squeezes me so hard. I’ve never felt anything so good.

I don’t think sex is this good for everyone else. Otherwise, they’d be doing it all the time. I can hardly stand the minutes I’m not inside Winnie, and when I’m not inside her, I’m thinking of ways to get back inside her. Sex with my mate is by far the best sex that has ever been had.

Leaning down over her body, I hump into her, feeling her clench around me. I hold her tightly as her orgasm throbs through her body, and my cock echoes her passion.

I cum inside her once again, and it’s enough to take just a slight edge off. It’s enough to sate me until I can get Winne home and under me for as long as she lets me.

I kiss her shoulder and smile against the exposed skin there, loving the warm, sugary smell of her skin. “Let me carry you home, my love”

She starts to answer me, but my phone rings. Reluctantly, I pull out of her warmth and put my cock back in my jeans before helping Winnie up off the floor.

I kiss her nose and reach into my back pocket, taking my phone out and answering.

“Stone,” I say, by way of answering.

“It’s Xavier. I caught the scent outside of my home, and it’s strong. He’s close. Gwen is inside, but I want another set of eyes while I track it. Can you get here?”

I look over at Winnie who’s fixing her dress and pulling her chocolate curls up into a ponytail. She looks at me as if sensing my stare and raises an eyebrow in question.

“Hang on, X.” I put my hand over the mouthpiece while I look at Winnie, torn between leaving her here alone and needing to go find the rogue shifter.

As if reading my mind, she comes over and puts her hand on my face. “I’ll bolt the doors and stay inside. The twins are on their way to do prep work for the morning. They should be here any minute. I’ll be fine. You go take care of our pack.”

Hearing her say ‘our pack’ makes my heart clench. It’s like she’s realizing that she’s going to be leading our people, too. And she’s trying to be a good mate and do what’s best for everyone.

I nod silently, okaying this plan, not really having a better option at the moment. Dominic is with Ruby, who is about to pop out three cubs any second, and the rest of the pack are with their families.

Putting the phone back to my mouth, I hold Winnie to me, needing her strength right now. “I’m on my way.” I hang up the phone and kiss the top of Winnie’s head. “Stay inside, and be safe. You understand?”

“Yes, Alpha.” They sarcastic way she says it makes me smile, and I lean down, kissing her lips before going to the back door.

I give her one last quick kiss as I stand at the back entrance of the bakery and wait for Winnie to shut the door and listen for the locks to click into place. Once they’re secure, I turn, heading for Xavier and Gwen’s place.

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