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I don’t stop moving as I release inside her again, filling her pussy with warm cum, over and over. I’ll have her soaked and dripping with my seed before we both find sleep. It’s the way of the mating heat, to keep us connected until we can’t even move.

I latch my teeth onto her shoulder, biting down just a little, not enough to break the skin. I just hold her there with my teeth, a warning to her bear to submit. She stills beneath me, bending to my dominance, allowing me to keep moving inside her.

Her clenches speed up, and she orgasms on my cock, opening up and letting my seed breed her. When she cums, I bite down harder, pricking the skin just slightly. Her clenches become tighter, her body responding to my mating mark.

We’re animalistic in our passion, both of us connected in the most intimate way.

“Mine, Winnie. You’re mine now.” I feel her contract around me as I kiss her back and thrust harder inside her. “And I’m yours, too.”

She leans back into my body, giving me her warmth. “Yours,” she whispers, and tightens around my cock again.

Holding myself inside her as far as I can go, I cum, giving her more of my seed. The sticky cum spreads between us, and I know it won’t be the last of it tonight.

I have a feeling the two of us are in for a sleepless night.

11 Winnie

“That’s not what I meant by making you breakfast at the bakery.” I grip the sides of the metal prep table to stop myself from falling back onto the cookies I was about to decorate.

Stone has my legs thrown over his broad shoulders, my dress bunched up around my waist, as he kneels before me. My panties are once again in pieces on the floor as his mouth eats at me. I’m starting to think I shouldn’t even bother to wear them anymore. But I have to admit, it’s pretty hot when he effortlessly rips them off me. He even gave them an annoyed growl when he’d done it this time.

His only response to my words is a growl against my pussy, which sends chills down my spine. His fingers dig deeply into the flesh of my thighs, like I might take his treat away. His unbreakable hold lets me know that would be impossible.

Stone has been on me since I gave myself to him last night. We made love all night long. The first few times were hard and fast, but as the night went on, he slowly started to worship my body. I don’t think one inch of me went untouched last night and into the early morning. I’ve never felt so loved, so wanted, in my life. I was made to feel like he couldn’t breathe without me.

I’ve never seen Stone like that before. It was like he couldn’t stop touching me. That at any moment something could just take me from him. I hate the worry he seems to feel about it, but it would be a lie if I didn’t say I love it, too.

To go so long without feeling like you’re important to anyone. To now have it. To have someone filling in all those holes I felt I had inside me. I want to soak it all in, even if it does make him a little miserable.

“Give me that sweet honey, Winnie,” he says, before latching onto my clit, sucking it into his mouth with another growl that vibrates through me, making me explode. The orgasm shoots through me, and I try to close my legs, but Stone just lazily licks at me, getting every drop of my orgasm. Each time his tongue grazes my clit, my whole body jerks.

“Please, Stone,” I beg, unable to take anymore. I’ve had so many orgasms in the last twelve hours, I can’t take another. I’m not even sure if I can walk now. Which isn’t good because I have a bakery to open.

My head is still thrown back, my eyes closed. It isn’t until I feel Stone peeling my hands from the metal table edge that I realize he’s now standing between my legs.

He brings my hands to his mouth, kissing the indents left by the sharp table edges, an unhappy furrow in his brow.

“We should have stayed in bed,” he says, placing another kiss in the marks.

“It didn’t hurt, and it was well worth it.” I smile up at him to reassure him. He seems a little off kilter. I do enjoy how much I seem to be affecting him, but I also don’t want him stressing himself. “I can’t wait to do it again.” He grabs me, pulling himself closer to me as he nuzzles my neck. “Tonight,” I finish, when I feel his cock press against me.

I would’ve loved nothing more than to lie in bed with him all day, but the bakery has to be opened today. It’s Sunday, and we’re only open until noon anyways.

“Just getting my scent back on you,” he says, rubbing against me.

“I’m pretty sure it’s permanently on me,” I giggle, as the whiskers of his beard tickle my neck.

“I told you not to shower,” he complains, taking my earlobe into his mouth. He pouted this morning. Yes, pouted when I insisted on a shower before coming to work. He said I was washing away all his hard work.

“I recall you rather enjoying that shower,” I remind him.

He groans against me like he’s recalling it, pressing his hard, jean-covered cock against my pussy.

Suddenly, he retreats, pulling me off the counter, and my feet hit the floor. My dress falls back into place just as Gwen comes pushing through the door to the kitchen, X—of course—a heartbeat behind her.

She stops, a big smile pasted across her face.

“I knew you’d be all mated by this morning,” she says, putting her hands on her hips. X lazily leans up against the wall. He never seems to have much to say, but Gwen can talk enough for everyone, and he seems to like to watch her do it.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, looking down to make sure I’m decent, though I don’t think Stone would have let anyone in the room if something was showing. I know she can smell what was going on, and pink hits my cheeks. Stone pulls me to him, wrapping an arm around me in a possessive hold. We haven’t been out together yet, and I still wonder what it will be like when the rest of the pack is around. I normally fade to the back.

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