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All this time he’s wanted me. Maybe I can be the one to finally give the alpha something of his own.

10 Stone


Hearing my name on her lips is enough to make me do whatever she wants. I may be the alpha, but this little cub can bring me to my knees. Never before have I bared myself to anyone, but with Winnie, I would do it if that’s what she asked.

Pulling her closer to me, I slide my hardness between her wet folds, teasing myself. I feel Winnie shudder against me, the pull between us getting stronger.

“Do you want me to stop?” I’m so close to the edge that if I do this much longer, I won’t be able to stop. I’ll slide back and push inside her and I won’t be able to pull back out.

I feel her nails dig into my shoulders as she clings to me. Her big eyes gaze into mine, and I see her make her decision. “Don’t stop. I’m yours, Stone. Since the day you found me, I’ve belonged to you.”

At her confession, I roll us over so she’s under me, and I pin her arms up by her head as her legs wrap around me. “Say it, Winnie. My wolf is too close to stop. Tell me what I need to hear.” I feel my nails start to ache as I dig them into the bed, trying to hold on to my wolf. I’m sure my eyes are glowing, and I feel the tingle in my spine as if I could shift at any second.

“I’m your mate, Stone. Take me for your own.” Her words are breathy as her hands come up to rub my chest, scoring her blunt nails down my tattooed skin.

The feeling of her marking me and telling me to claim her sends a shiver running down my spine. I take a breath to try to control my wolf because I want to stay human for this. I don’t know if we can mate as shifted animals, and it’s been so long since Winnie has shifted that I’d be worried to try it.

Leaning down, I rest on my elbows, holding her face in my hands. I rub my nose against hers, then look into her soft brown eyes, needing to tell her before we mate. “I love you, Winnie. I have since the day I first held you in my arms. I’m so happy that you’re my mate.”

“I love you, too, Stone.” There are unshed tears in her eyes, and I kiss her cheeks, moving down her neck as I position my cock at her opening.

“This is new for both of us, so let me know if I hurt you, little bear. I’m not sure how we’ll breed together, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.”

She smiles a little and raises her hips in invitation, wanting me to enter her.

The need is overwhelming, and I take one final breath as I thrust inside her. Her tight warmth squeezes around my cock, but otherwise, Winnie is relaxed. The first penetration doesn’t seem to have hurt her. Her shifter body is welcoming her mate into her womb.

I feel her heat and hold myself inside her as I cum. It’s the first part of the shifter mating ritual—the semen triggers the need of the female, and the mating heat begins. I don’t know if it will work the same with Winnie, but it’s my body’s natural reaction.

Thick pulses shoot up my cock and into Winnie’s womb. The intensity of the pleasure is nearly blinding, and I have to force myself not to collapse on top of her and smother her body. Closing my eyes and burying my face in her neck, I place my teeth on her tender flesh and do as my animal commands; I bite her.

When I taste slightest trace of blood, I lick the wound, sealing my saliva inside of her. That small amount, combined with my semen, will bind us together, mating us for life. The heat will begin and will last until she is bred, ensuring the continuation of our species.

Being inside her warm soft body is pleasure like I’ve never known. Having the taste of her on my tongue just adds to it, and I want to cum all over again.

Sitting up a little, I look down at Winnie and see that she has her eyes closed. After a beat, her eyes pop open, glowing bright gold. “Winnie?”

Suddenly I’m flipped over, and Winnie is on top of me, grinding down on my cock and clawing at my chest. The feel of her mark is so erotic that I thrust up, meeting her down-strokes.

“Mine,” she growls, and leans down, sinking her teeth into my chest.

Feeling her break the skin sends me spinning into another orgasm, and I thrust inside her, cumming again. Semen runs down my shaft as Winnie begins to pulse and cum on my cock. She doesn’t stop riding me as she continues to contract and relax, one orgasm rolling into the next.

I feel her lick the wound on my chest, sealing it, and she sits up and licks her lips. Her eyes are bright gold, and she’s breathing hard as she grinds down on my hard cock, looking for another release.

Seeing how lost to the pleasure she is lets me know her need is in full force. I go to sit up, but she pushes on my chest, forcing me to lie back down as she rides my cock harder. I watch her as she moves. The sight of her naked body on top of me is so fucking beautiful. I reach up and pinch her nipples, and she growls with pleasure. I can see her bear in her eyes. She’s come out some and is in partial control. It makes my wolf growl happily, knowing that her animal wants mine.

Snarling, I flip us over before she can protest, and I pull out, turning her over on all fours. I want to take her like this and let her bear know that I’m dominant. That I’ll be in control.

She lets out a loud growl and turns to look back at me. “Easy, little cub. I’m going to give you what you want.”

Thrusting back inside her body, I blanket myself over Winnie. I plant my hands on either side of hers, caging her in and holding her still while I rut inside her. I’m fucking her like my wolf would fuck her, taking what we’ve always wanted, and the thought makes me cum.

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