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“I can still see to your needs, sugar,” he said with a silken drawl. “Right after you see to mine.” Kane tugged off his gloves and threw them aside. His coat hit the floor someplace behind him. Keeping his eyes locked to hers, he unhooked his belt buckle. He lowered his zipper. He dropped his jeans and boxers mid-thigh and pulled out his fully erect cock. “You know what I want.”

Without hesitation, she lowered before him. She kissed the head of his penis, grabbing it at the base with her right hand. She stroked, and outlined the flared rim of his cockhead with her tongue.

Kane hissed in a breath. He about shot his load when Ginger gave him that vixen-like smirk and sucked him to where her hand circled his dick.

He let her play. Tease and retreat. Taking his full length into her heated mouth while she rolled his balls between her fluttering fingers. He had to clench his butt cheeks together a couple of times to keep from taking over and fucking that sassy, sucking mouth.

Ginger slid her hands around to cup his ass and stopped. She allowed his dick to slide free from her mouth. “Holy crap. Your butt is like ice.”

“Told you it was cold out there,” he murmured.

She tongued the tip and smiled cheekily. “But it’s nice and warm right inside here.” She canted her head and swallowed him to the root.

Kane thrust his hands into her hair, keeping her head in place as a not-so-subtle reminder that he was in control.

Their eyes met. The surprise he saw reflected in hers morphed into heat. She knew. She handed him the reins.

He released the tight grip on her head and pulled back, thrusting in, showing her his preferred rhythm.

This blowjob wouldn’t take long. Between her sexy-ass dominant dream and the fact she’d dropped to her knees—well, he was hard and ready and that pretty much guaranteed he’d be quick on the trigger.

When Ginger started sucking him harder and squeezing his ass, Kane grunted as his balls grew tight.

His cock lifted in anticipation of release. Instead of driving deep and feeling her throat muscles working him, he withdrew halfway, resting the sweet spot on her tongue.

“There it is. Goddamn.” He let his head drop back, keeping a firm hold on her head so she couldn’t move. Spurt after spurt fired out and he felt her swallow every time his dick contracted. The pleasure was so potent his legs began to shake, rattling the loose belt buckle around his knees.

Then he felt a humming sensation, which he attributed to her laughter.

As he eased out of her mouth, he warned, “Two can play at that game.” He cupped her left elbow and helped her to her feet. His mouth enclosed hers in a forceful kiss. A primitive noise escaped when he tasted himself on her tongue.

“Take off your nylons. Those ankle-breakin’ heels you prefer are around someplace?”

“Under the desk.”

“After you take off the hose, put them shoes back on.”

She ditched the hose and waited for his instruction, which quite frankly, shocked the crap out of him.

He half expected the lawyer inside her would point out they weren’t in a bedroom, so technically, he wasn’t in charge. He yanked up his pants, zipped and buckled. “Sit in your office chair and slip on your heels.”

Ginger sat like a lady and inserted her feet into the pointy-toed brown patent leather pumps.

Damn damn damn. That was one smoking hot image. Kane spun the chair so he could drop to his knees, half under the desk.

“Kane, what are you doing?”

“Hike up your skirt and put your feet on the desk. Just like that. Now angle your hips…perfect.” Then his mouth was on her, his tongue separated her soft, pink folds. He loved how she was already wet. As he licked and lapped at her slick sweetness, his cock hardened. This woman fired him up in no time flat.

Her hips began to lift and he noticed the death grip her fingers had on the arms of the chair.

He raised his head. “Ginger, look at me.”

Passion-glazed eyes met his. “Why? You planning to torment me with that talented mouth, cowboy?”

“Depends.” He flattened his tongue and dragged it up her wet center. “On.” He reversed course, zigzagging his tongue back down. “You.” A long, slow lap up. “Saying.” A meandering flicker of just the tip of his tongue as he made his way to the entrance to her body. “Yes.”

“Yes to what? I’ll say yes to anything if you just make me come right now.”

Kane grinned and blew a stream of air across her engorged tissues. “Anything, counselor?”

“I believe what you’re doing is called ‘leading the witness’ and my God, this time I won’t object.

Please, Kane.”

He let his thumbs glide up, mapping the outer swells of her cunt, until they met at the top. He gently separated the pliant skin, exposing her clitoris and lightly grazed his teeth over it.

Ginger jerked against his mouth with a gasp.

Then he formed a circle around the nub with his lips and sucked while his tongue flicked back and forth.

“Oh, yes, I’m already so close…”

His belt buckle dug into his abdomen and his cock probably had permanent zipper marks, but Kane didn’t move. He remained fully focused on proving how much he loved to be between her thighs. Her taste coating his tongue. Her wetness dampening his mustache and goatee. And the squeaking moans she only made when his mouth was on her like this.

Her legs trembled and her hands went from gripping the armrests to gripping his head. “More. Suck harder. Like that. Yes! Yes! Yes!”

At the peak of her orgasm, a burst of wetness coated his chin and he wanted to burrow into her completely.

As the pulses slowed, then faded, her grip on his head loosened and she ran her fingers over the stubble.

With one last soft smooch, he pulled away.

The sated, dazed look in Ginger’s eyes made him want to roar, the alpha male who’d pleased his mate. He circled her ankles and put her feet on the floor.

“I don’t know if I should be scared of that twinkle in your eye, McKay.”

“Too late, you already said yes to anything I want, remember?”

“I was under duress,” she half protested.

“Uh-huh.” Kane stood and moved behind her. “How’s about you move outta this chair and sit on the desk, facing me.” He nibbled on the shell of her ear. “Lose the skirt.”

“Why do I have the feeling I’ll be losing my shirt too?”

“Because you are one smart cookie.” Kane toed off his boots, shucked his pants and underwear and plopped in her chair. “Nice. The material feels good against my bare ass.”

Ginger whirled around after her skirt and panties hit the carpet. Her eyes narrowed on his cock, sticking straight up like a flagpole. “You are hard again.”

“Your fault.”

She smirked. “And on my honor, I’m not one bit sorry. But if I’m totally naked, you’d better be too.”

Her fingers slipped under the first button on his shirt. She undid them all and made a disgruntled sound when she saw he wore a T-shirt.

“Some of us know how to dress for the weather.”

“Some of us like to play with your chest as much as you like to play with mine.”

Kane brushed a curl from her forehead. “Next time, you can play all you want. This time, you’re gonna be facin’ forward.” At her perplexed look, he said, “Reverse cowgirl style.”

“I don’t know if I’ve ever done it that way.”

“This position definitely has its charms. Lemme show you.” He turned her around. “Brace your hands on the desk and spread your legs.” He rolled the chair closer. “Now scoot back, that’s it, keep your legs wide. Hang on a sec.” Kane lowered the chair arms, allowing her thighs to straddle his.

“Kane. I’m not sure—”

“I am. Trust me. Lift your ass a bit. Damn do I love this ass. I cannot wait to grind my cock into it and feel how tight you squeeze me with those muscles.”

Ginger looked over her shoulder at him. “I figured you’d like anal.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because you like everything else.”

“Smart mouth.” Then he thrust into her pussy to the hilt.

“Oh Lord, you could’ve warned me.”

“You should’ve been payin’ attention, not thinkin’ so hard about how much you want my dick in your ass.”

She laughed. “Bastard. Stop talking and fuck me.”

“You’re gonna hafta do some of the work, sugar. Push back into me. Yeah, just like that.”

He cupped her tits, feathering his thumbs across her nipples. They built a rhythm without words, letting their motions do all the talking. Sweat dripping, skin slapping skin, sighs, moans, the squeak of the office chair.

Ginger centered her left hand on the desk and her right hand disappeared between her thighs.

“Are you touchin’ yourself?”

“I need direct contact with my clit in order to come.”

When her stroking fingers accidentally brushed where they were joined, Kane’s balls drew up.

Knowing she was pleasuring herself did it for him in a big way. He kept playing with her nipples and brought her upper torso back so he could scatter kisses across her back. “Come on, Red,” he whispered.

“Send yourself over the edge and take me with you.”

“God, your voice is like sandpaper on my nerve endings. I love that husky rasp. Keep talking to me.”

Kane pumped his hips and licked the slope of her shoulder.

“I wanna mark you here.” He sucked and felt the goose bumps rise on her skin. “When I see you all fancied up in your suit and fuck-me heels, I’ll remember this. Me fucking you in your chair, you bent over your desk, touchin’ yourself. No one will know that always-in-control Ginger Paulson, lets me, a simple rancher, have her any way I want. Any time I want.”


“Take us there. Now.” He sank his teeth into her nape and pinched her nipples hard.

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