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And he hadn’t minded a bit. In fact, he would’ve done more if he could. Might make him a pussy, or at least as domesticated as a house cat, but he liked talking care of her.

By the time he’d sat down to read the paper, Ginger had woken up. Upon seeing her sleep-tousled hair, her drowsy smile and all that naked freckled skin, he’d wanted her again.

And he’d had her again. A bit less frenzied than the first three times, but the sexual heat erupting between them was astounding. He’d suspected Ginger would be an earthy, lusty lover once she’d become comfortable with his sexual demands and she definitely hadn’t disappointed.

He had been disappointed this morning when he’d driven Ginger to work, wishing they could have a few more days together. But Ginger distanced herself from him the instant she’d donned that severe black business suit. She’d insisted on walking up the stairs to her office unaided. She’d dismissed his concerns that she wasn’t up to a full day of work. Even with her receptionist, Rissa, at her disposal, Kane knew Ginger wouldn’t ask for help until it was too late. Then she’d politely rejected his offer to take her to Doc Monroe’s for her follow up visit and showed him the door.

It sucked. Kane was flat out crazy about the woman. And he hadn’t a clue what he could do about it except show a little patience.

Luckily time was one thing he had plenty of.

Nine Days Later…

Another quiet Friday night. Kane sipped a cup of coffee liberally laced with Jameson whiskey and stared at some nameless comedy on the boob tube. He was fried. They’d spent all day rounding up strays.

Most had been eager to rejoin the herd after the small blizzard had separated them the day before. A few older sows had gone to their favorite birthing spots, which worried him. They weren’t set to start calving for another month.

The driving wind and blowing snow had taken it out of him. After spending the day with Kade crisscrossing the land on four-wheelers, he’d been damn tempted to burrow under the covers until morning.

Shep growled in his sleep and Kane automatically patted the dog’s head. Shep had refused to venture into the frigid weather. Kane looked at the Border collie, concerned by his lethargy in recent weeks. Kade mentioned Shep hadn’t been his usual sparky self with the girls over the long weekend. And this morning, the dog that lived to chase stray cows hadn’t moved from the sofa when Kane called him. Shep wasn’t a pup, but he’d never seen the dog so sluggish. He ruffled Shep’s ears. “Must be the weather, eh?”

He’d begun to drift off when his cell phone rang. Never fucking failed. He’d left messages with his cousins about canceling their poker game, but one of them was probably calling to harass him. He answered without looking at the caller ID. “If you’re gonna whine about poker night. Save it. I’m draggin’

ass tonight and don’t feel like losin’ a pile of money. Catch me tomorrow.”

A chuckle. “That’s definitely a unique way to answer the phone.”

Shit. Not his one of his cousins. “Sorry, Dash. Been a long damn day and I was half-asleep. What’s up?”

“Two things. Hayden couldn’t remember what time the workshop started tomorrow and I can’t find the flyer with the information.”

“It starts at ten. Does he still need me to pick him up?”

“Probably, since it’s not like I can hop into my Mercedes and get him there.”

“Speaking of… That is one sweet ride.” Far as Kane knew, the SL500 Mercedes Ginger drove used to belong to Dash. “How fast will it go?”

“I had it up to one forty the last time I cut loose.”

Kane whistled. “Nice. As much as I love to bullshit about cars I can’t afford, what was the other reason you called?”

A heavy sigh. “It’s Ginger. She’s working herself into the ground making up for lost time after her accident. She hasn’t been home until after ten o’clock the last two nights.”

He glanced at the clock and saw it was nearly nine. “She’s still not home?”

“No. I’m worried about her dozing off as she’s driving. Could be a deadly mistake with this cold snap, especially when the girl acts like she’s in LA and refuses to wear proper winter attire. Which also made me realize it’s time to change out the battery in the Mercedes, so I worry she’ll have car trouble.”

The image of Ginger huddled in her paper-thin leather coat, no gloves, wearing fuck-me stilettos, as she froze inside her dead car along the side of the road, shook Kane out of his sleepy state.

“Has she been out of contact with you? Because I could call Cam at the sheriff’s office and have him start lookin’—”

“No. I know she’s still at the office working. I spoke to her right before I called you. I hate to impose, but is there any chance you can check out her car and see if there’s an issue with the battery?”



“Okay. No problem. Anything else?”

Another hesitant pause. “Could you check on her? I’m aware she’s a grown woman, but she pushes herself to the limit.”

If Kane didn’t know better, he’d suspect this was the old man’s attempt at matchmaking. “I can do that. You want me to call you after I check on her?”

“No. If I don’t hear from you I’ll assume no news is good news.” Dash hung up.

Shep didn’t budge when Kane got up from the couch. He didn’t wag his tail with interest when Kane donned his outerwear. He just blinked his eyes and went back to sleep.

Smart dog.

The thermometer in Kane’s truck read twenty degrees below zero. Not an ideal night for a drive. But it’d be worse if Ginger called him at two in the morning because her car had crapped out.

Would she call you?

Yes. Who else did she have to call?

How about AAA?

He snorted. She’d rather walk home than admit to anyone in town, let alone that gossipy old tow truck driver Barney Troller, that she needed help. Damn stubborn woman.

The lights shone in her office. Her car remained parked in front. No streetlights, no easy access in case her battery was dead.

He parked beside her Mercedes and scaled the steps, two at a time. Kane got a little pissy when he walked right inside her office because she hadn’t bothered to lock the front door.

He rapped on her office door four times. “Ginger?”

Footsteps on the other side, then the door flew open. “Kane? What are you doing here?” A stark expression crossed her face. “Has something happened to Hayden?”

“No. He’s fine and your dad is fine.” Kane understood he might have to cover Dash’s butt. “I was in town and I noticed your office lights were on. Then I saw your car and wondered why the hell you’re workin’ this late on a Friday night.”

Ginger lifted her eyebrows. “You just happened to be in the neighborhood? Bullshit. Did Hayden send you? Or my dad?”

Busted. Before she flew off the handle, Kane pointed out, “Dash worries about you, Red. He feels pretty helpless. He couldn’t check up on you himself, so I volunteered to make sure you were okay on his behalf. It’s damn cold out there tonight. Sub-zero.” His gaze swept over her. She looked fantastic in a figure-flattering suit jacket and matching short skirt the color of coffee. Tan lace peeped from between the lapels of the jacket and her nylon-clad feet were bare. “Please tell me you brought more weather appropriate clothing to wear home?”

Those brown-green eyes narrowed. “Don’t start on me.”

Kane stepped closer. “Answer the question.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Such a sassy mouth. Damn, I missed it the last week.”

Her face softened. “Kane—”

He fused his lips to hers, stopping her protest. He groaned softly at the dark, sweet taste of her and deepened the kiss.

Immediately Ginger melted into him. Both arms circled his waist as her mouth clung to his in a kiss that was both sweet and compelling.

When he went to touch her face, he realized he hadn’t even taken his damn gloves off. He broke their lip-lock and studied her. “Where’s your sling?”

“Off. Doc said I only have to wear it at night. I’ve actually gotten pretty proficient at attaching it myself.” She pointed to her right calf. “The cast is gone too. No ligament damage. She was shocked about how fast I healed up.”

Both of those bits of good news should’ve warranted a phone call. “No need for me anymore?”

Ginger flirtatiously kissed his soul patch. “You almost sound sad about that, McKay.”

“I am.” He let her think on it for a few seconds before he said, “You about done here so I can follow you home? Or am I takin’ off my jacket and stayin’ awhile?”

“Maybe you should take off your pants too,” she teased.

“What would you do if I did?”

The humorous light left her eyes; they turned liquid with pure sexual heat. “I suppose I’d be forced to service your needs.”

“Forced?” he repeated.

Her gaze dropped to his crotch, then returned to his eyes. “Last night I dreamt of you. We were at some party and you got this…hungry look in your eye, the same one you’re sporting right now. You took me by the hand and led me to a bathroom. You locked the door, leaned against it and started to unbuckle your belt, all without saying a single word.”

Holy shit. Kane swallowed the ball of lust stuck in his throat. “What did you do?”

“Waited until you gave me the signal. You put your hand on my shoulder and pushed me to my knees to suck you off. Then I woke up hot and bothered and pissed.”

“Pissed? Why? Because of my highhanded behavior? Or because you liked bein’ obedient?”

“Neither. I was pissed because I was horny as hell. I knew if I’d been allowed to finish the dream you wouldn’t have left me wanting.” Ginger placed both palms on his chest. “You would’ve seen to my needs.”

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