Marked by the Vampire Page 25

“I need a werewolf for this one. Your kind isn’t exactly running loose and wild at the FBI.”

“I can’t be her babysitter. I can’t be—” He broke off, and when he spoke again, his words were stilted. Too controlled. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be in close proximity with her.”

Now that was interesting. “Why not?”

Connor looked away.

“You can keep your control on a mission, can’t you, Connor?”

“Yes,” he snapped.

“Because I need you,” Eric continued. “I need a werewolf close to Chloe. The senator wasn’t working alone. There was a whole damn pack who attacked us at the cabin. We need to destroy that pack, and find out just what end goal that group has.”

Connor stood. “I don’t do so well in a pack.”

Right. The guy was more of a lone wolf, but he was also an alpha. If anyone could get the job done, it would be him. “Finish this mission, and the slate is wiped clean. As far as the government is concerned, all of the sins from your past will be wiped away.”

Surprise flashed on Connor’s face. “I’d be done? Clear with the FBI?”

“Provided,” Eric added carefully, “that you manage to keep Chloe Quick alive for the course of this mission.” He leaned forward. “She’s important. An asset that we can’t lose or compromise anymore. Do you understand?”

A slow nod was his answer. Then Connor said, “I understand. I can keep her alive, but you need to understand something, too.”

Eric lifted a brow.

“I’ll keep her alive, but as soon as this mission is over…” He flashed a smile, one that showed wickedly sharp teeth. “I’ll have my freedom, and Uncle Sam can kiss my ass.”

Eric offered his hand. “Deal.”

Connor shook his hand and then left the room. When the door shut behind him, Eric sighed.

Sometimes, he really hated lying to his friends.

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