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“If you don’t…” Case leaned toward him. Made sure that his voice was too low for the guards to hear him. “I’ll pump you full of so much silver that you’ll beg for death.”

He waited for the werewolf to show fear.

But, instead, the werewolf smiled. “I don’t beg.”


Olivia’s eyelids flew open and awareness came back to her with a shocking rush.

She’d been asleep, curled up on the hard rocks, and she whirled around now to see—

Faint light, drifting in through the cracks and crevices in the cave. Her heart was thundering in her chest—her na**d chest.

Because she was totally nude and her horrified gasp seemed way too loud to her own ears.

Her gaze whipped to the left and to the right. She saw her clothes, spread out, drying? And she also realized that the vampire was gone.

He’d left her. No, no, he couldn’t have. Olivia jumped to her feet. “Shane?” Her voice echoed back to her. “Shane, where are you?” The pool of water was near her feet, glistening. The rocky walls of the cave surrounded her. Was there a tunnel hidden somewhere in those walls? An opening that she couldn’t see in that dim light?

Olivia snatched up her clothes and dressed as quickly as she could. The clothing was still damp and it rubbed roughly over her too-sensitive skin. Skin that was sensitive because of…him.

What did I do? Why?

She’d lost herself with Shane. Her control—the careful control that she’d maintained for years—had vanished the moment he’d taken her blood.

It shouldn’t have happened. It couldn’t happen again.

No worries on that score, especially seeing as how he f**ked me and left me.

Vampires. They weren’t exactly known to be trustworthy.

Her bare feet slid over the rough flooring of the cave. She started inching toward the darkness of the walls. Her hands lifted as she tried to search for an opening, search for some kind of way out other than a dive into that water once more.

What did I do? Why? Why?

She could hardly remember anything about the sex with Shane—except that she’d needed him, desperately. Fire had ignited within her when his teeth sank into her neck, and she’d been overwhelmed by a sensual hunger for him. So consumed that she would have done anything to have him plunge into her.

He did something to me. That was the only explanation. Vampires could control their prey after they took blood from humans, and he must have been controlling her.

“Bastard,” she whispered. She’d thought he was a hero, that he was saving her, when all along he’d just been manipulating her. “Vampire bastard!”

“Ah, love, now why are you so pissed at me?”

Her breath choked out and she whirled at the sound of his voice. He rose from the water, easily, fluidly, and the water slid over his powerful, bare chest. He was wearing a pair of pants, nothing more, and looking too damn sexy.

He’s still controlling me.

She put her hands in front of her. “Stay away from me—and get out of my mind.”

He shoved his fingers through his wet hair. Frowned at her. Advanced. “I haven’t been in your mind. Just your body.”

Asshole. He came closer. Closer—

She punched him.

Or, she tried to, anyway, but the vamp caught her fist in his hand and held her easily.

“Not quite the greeting I was expecting, not after last night.”

Her cheeks burned. “What did you do to me?”

His thumb brushed lightly over her knuckles as he kept holding her hand prisoner. “Fucked you. I thought that was obvious.”

Her other fist flew out. He caught it too. Shook his head. “Olivia, sweet Olivia…” He leaned in close toward her. “Don’t you think it’s a little soon to say we made love? I mean…it was rough and it was hot and it was f**king, so I don’t know why you—”

“You used mind control on me.”

His face hardened. “The hell I did.” He still held both her hands in his grip.

“I don’t…that wasn’t me,” she told him, frantic, her heart galloping too fast. So fast it hurt.

“Climaxed so long and hard you nearly drove me out of my head?”

How was this happening? “Let me go.” Her voice was hoarse.

He hesitated.

“Let me go,” she said again.

“Only if you promise not to punch me.”

She nodded. Mentally crossed her fingers.

Slowly, he dropped her hands. “I didn’t use mind control on you. You had sex with me because you wanted me.” Anger roughened his words. “So maybe you’re just having some morning after regret because you screwed a vamp, and you always thought you were better than that.”

Better? No, that—

“We’re good enough to be your lab rats, the experiments that you study so carefully, but you never thought you’d be begging one of us to take you.”

Had she begged? She didn’t remember that part, but a lot of the specific details about last night were kind of blurry.

This nightmare would never end.

Olivia retreated a bit, and her back bumped into the rocks. “You did something with your bite. You…”

“Made you cl**ax?” He stalked closer, but didn’t touch her again. “Because you did. You came—twice—just from my bite.”

“You made me.” The only explanation that made sense. “You compelled me—”

“If I could control you, I’d be doing it right now.” Flat, brutal. Scary. “I’m not. I don’t force women to do anything they don’t want to do,” he said with a barely banked fury. “Now I realize you’ve had some bad f**king hours at Purgatory, but watch your step, love. You don’t want to push me too far.”

She was trapped in a cave with a big, too-powerful vampire. Her fear was a living, breathing thing inside of her, but Olivia wasn’t backing down. “Then what happened? If you didn’t control me, why did I want you so much?”

He growled. “Because I’m dead f**king sexy?”

Her lips parted in surprise. But wait, yes, he was.

His hand lifted and skimmed down her cheek. Her racing heartbeat actually stopped in that moment. “Do you know what you are?” Shane asked her, his voice a rumble that sank beneath her skin.

Lost. Terrified. Mildly turned on. Olivia shook her head.

His finger slid down her throat. His thumb rubbed lightly over the spot he’d bitten the night before. Pleasure pulsed through her at that caress.

Maybe more than mildly turned on.

“You’re a vampire’s wet dream. A woman who craves the bite so much that it brings her to release.” His hand tightened a bit around her throat. “No wonder you like to study the monsters so much. Deep down, you want us.”

No, that wasn’t true. Deep down, she was terrified of the monsters, but she did her job because there was no choice for Olivia. She had to do it.

I won’t be like them.

His head began to lower toward hers.

“D-don’t bite me again.”

His eyes held hers. “Afraid you’ll like it too much?”

Yes. “Just…don’t.” She also wanted his hand off her. Wanted his body away from her. The man’s scent seemed to surround her, and her hands had clenched into fists because she was not going to touch him, even though part of her wanted to so very desperately.

It was the part that Olivia always kept chained up, locked deep inside of herself. The part that thrived on danger, that longed for the rush of wild, hot sex. The part that enjoyed the darkness…too much.

It was Olivia’s secret side, a side that had terrified her for as long as she could remember.

It was a part that could be dangerous. Lethal.

Just like my father.

“Fine…” He smiled at her, and Olivia caught the glint of his fangs. “I’ll keep my teeth away from your lovely throat, until you ask for my bite.” He pulled away. Turned from her. Took two steps. Then glanced back. “And you will ask.”

“Don’t count on that.” She wrapped her arms around her stomach.

“You liked the bite too much not to want it…me…again.”

Her stomach clenched. “I just want to get out of here.”

His gaze turned shuttered. “Is that what you truly wish? That you could leave Purgatory now?”

Coming there had been one serious mistake. “What I wish is that you’d tell me what’s going on. Who you really are. What the hell is happening at this place. And yeah, after all that, I wish that we could get out of here. That we could just prance out of this cave and find a seaplane waiting to jet us to safety.” She sucked in a ragged breath when she realized that her words were rapping out at a frantic pace. “That’s what I wish, okay?”

He stared at her, then…shook his head, as if confused by her. “I told you…Pate sent me.”

She stepped toward him. Her legs were all shaky and she could actually still feel the man inside of her. Inside. Outside. All around her. “You’re FBI?”

He nodded.

“Since when does the FBI hire vampires?”

“Since I owed Eric Pate a blood debt, and this was my way of repaying him.”

Oh…um, okay.

“I’m part of the Seattle Para Unit,” he continued, his voice fully devoid of emotion. “When Pate’s targets are too big for his normal resources to handle, I step in.”

She ventured another step closer to him. “Shane Morgan…is that your real name?”

He shook his head, and her humiliation deepened. Wonderful. She’d had sex with a man without even knowing his real name.

“Shane Morgan is the name I use for my cover here at Purgatory. I’ve been Shane August. Shane Elliott, Shane—”

Olivia held up her hand. “I really get the idea.” She stared at him. “What is your real name?”

“Just Shane is close enough. That’s the name I’ve used the longest.”

He was driving her crazy. “What’s happening in Purgatory?”

“That’s what I was supposed to find out.” One blond brow lifted. “But then I got distracted by saving your sexy ass.”

Did he think her ass was sexy? She almost glanced back but didn’t. “Do you know a way for us to get off this island?” That’s it—just keep talking. Don’t think about the sex or the bite. Just think about safety.

“Maybe.” His voice was mild. “But that’s going to depend.”

Another small step had her nearly touching him. “On what?”

His eyes narrowed. “On just how badly the people in Purgatory want you back.”

The knots in her stomach were getting worse.

“I answered your questions, now you answer mine.” He cocked his head. “Who sent you to Purgatory?”

Uh, they’d just covered this. “Pate. Eric Pate, you know—”

“Pate got orders from above that you were supposed to be shipped in. How’d you work that? Who sent you?”

Olivia shook her head.

“Don’t play games with me.” His face hardened as he stared at her. “If I’m risking my life for you, I want to know the risk is worth it. Because if you’re playing me…”

“I’m not!”

“Then you’ll pay.” Flat. Cold.

“Look, I’m—”

He leapt toward her. Put his hand over her mouth and pulled her tightly against him.

She struggled, but he just held her tighter. She tried to—

A rock fell down from overhead, crashing against the side of the cave and ricocheting before it sank into the water. “They’re close…” Shane whispered in her ear. His warning was a breath of sound. “Too close.”

She couldn’t hear anything but the desperate thunder of her heartbeat.

“Don’t move.”

His head slid back from her, and he glanced up. Another rock fell down, barely missing Olivia’s foot.

She held herself perfectly still, too afraid in that instant to even breathe.


“They aren’t here!” Case yelled at David. The werewolf was proving himself to be a total waste. They’d been all around the island, and the wolf had turned up nothing so far.

Case’s head tilted back as he gazed at the water that surrounded the island. They were at the highest point on the island, a stony hill that gave them a vantage point to survey the area around them.

But we still haven’t found the vampire.

“Alphas are supposed to be better than this,” Case snarled. His fingers tightened around the collar’s remote. Maybe it was time to find a new alpha to use on this hunt.

“In wolf form, I’d find them instantly.” David’s voice was low, tight with anger. “The wolf is always the stronger hunter.”

Case frowned. He actually knew that bit was true, but… “You seriously think I’ll let you take off that collar so you can change?” Did he look like an idiot?

David whirled toward him. “I’m close! I can catch the faintest hint of the vamp’s scent…of her…” He shook his head. “But I won’t get any closer, I won’t find more unless I shift!”

Case shook his head and he hit the button on the remote—the button that would send a powerful surge of silver right into the werewolf’s blood.

David gave a guttural cry of pain. “I…can…find them!”

“So can another wolf. One who doesn’t have to shift in order to get the job done.” He’d go through every werewolf in the place if he had to do it. Every single one.

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