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“I want it,” I say, my teeth digging into my bottom lip so hard I think I might draw blood.

“You want what?” he says, his breath warm on my core.


He pulls away. “It’s got to be your choice, princess. I’m not taking anything you don’t want to give.”

“I want to give,” I say, a little desperately. “I’ve wanted it since that day you told me to imagine your tongue on me.”

He freezes for a second before a smile slowly crosses his face. “So you have been thinking of that.”

I nod.

“Me too,” he whispers huskily.

I hold his gaze, pleading, but he won’t let me off the hook. “What do you want, Jenny?”

I close my eyes and leap. “Lick me.”

“Good girl,” he says with a quiet chuckle as he lowers himself to the mattress once more, supporting his weight on his elbows as his broad shoulders nudge my thighs apart and I let them fall open.

I don’t know what I’m expecting, but it’s not for him to slide his hands under my butt, lifting me up so I’m like a feast to be devoured.

“You want me to stop at any time, say the word, Jenny Dawson.”

And then he lowers his mouth to me, his tongue stroking up the center, licking me with a thoroughness that makes us both groan.

We both know I’m never going to want him to stop. Not ever.

Noah destroys me. His tongue and lips are everywhere, his big hands holding me immobile as he explores every inch of my sensitive flesh, his tongue moving in hot, wet strokes.

Time disappears. The room disappears. There’s nothing but his mouth, his tongue, his fingers, and yet I’m aware that there’s something more. Something I can’t quite…

Noah’s lips move up, and he sucks my clit. There it is.

“Yes,” I whisper, my hands finding his hair. “Yes, yes, yes.”

He groans against me, his tongue moving faster, sucking harder until I’m nothing but screaming, bucking orgasm beneath his mouth.

To his credit, he doesn’t gloat when it’s over. He merely rests his head against my stomach, letting me catch my breath before planting a gentle kiss right below my belly button. It’s so reverent, so lovely, that I realize I haven’t thought once about the damn belly pooch.

I feel beautiful.

Noah makes me feel beautiful.

He moves up my body, and I spread my legs, expecting him to enter me, but to my surprise he rolls onto his back and takes me with him so I’m on top with my knees on either side of his hips.

“Here’s your other lesson,” he says gruffly, palms sliding over the globes of my ass.

“Actually, I’ve done it this way before,” I admit. “My first boyfriend said it was the most comfortable position for virgins, so…” I shrug.

He lifts his eyebrows. “And how was it?”

I lift my hand and wiggle it. So-so.

“Well then,” he says, hands sliding to my waist and lifting me up. “We can do better than that.”

I gasp in shock as he pulls me down hard onto him, and I see from the glint in his eyes that’s exactly what he had in mind. I realize with glee that whatever Noah and I may be turning into, we’re still those two competitive enemies determined to outdo each other in matters of seduction.

Tonight he’s winning, and he knows it.

Time to turn the tables.

Channeling the sexy, wanton creature who zip-tied Noah to the bed, I narrow my eyes right back at him and slide my hands up to his shoulders, leaning slightly to find the right position.

And then I move.

I lift up slowly, teasingly, before thrusting down hard. My way. Not his.

He gasps, his eyes shuddering closed as his grip tightens. “Wait.”

Hell no.

My nails dig into his shoulders as I lift again and again, thrusting down on him, using him as my own sexual plaything.

Eventually I figure out that circling my hips slightly is best for both of us, and I grind on him, alternating between slow and languorous and fast and frantic.

“Jenny.” His hands are on my breasts now, as though he can’t decide whether to hold on for dear life or torment me. “Jenny.”

I lean forward farther, dangling my nipple above his mouth, and I cry out when he takes the bait, sucking me into his mouth as I move more quickly, my hips circling faster and faster, sensing that he’s close, knowing that he needs…

Noah’s yell is low and hoarse as he bucks up beneath me, spilling warmth inside me as he clenches helplessly at my back.

My face drops to his shoulder, and I feel a little wound up, the experiment in riding Noah Maxwell riling my lady parts all over again, but mostly deeply satisfied that he came to completion.

That I did that. Me.

For him. On him. To him.

His hand smooths over my back, and I don’t think I’m imagining that it’s shaking just a little bit. “The things you do to me…”

I lift my head and give him a slow smile. “Yeah?”

His eyes are surprisingly serious as he lifts a hand, resting a palm to my cheek. “Yeah.”

Noah’s eyes are on my lips, and I know he wants to kiss me. I can feel it. Please.

His head moves slightly downward and my breath catches, but at the last minute he freezes.

Then with a movement so fast, so confident that I think maybe I imagined the moment before, I’m on my back again, my arms pinned on either side of my head as he gives me a wicked smile.

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