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“You mean you don’t want to fuck me?”

“I want to do more than that. I want to consume you completely until you need me just to be.” He leaned down until his lips rested against my ear. “Enjoy your power while it lasts, little mouse, because I will consume you.” He straightened and challenged me with his gaze to continue our game.

“Lift my leg,” I ordered calmly without giving my true feelings away. I prayed he hadn’t noticed my shaking body when he wrapped my leg around his waist. I tugged his cock from his shorts and used him to tease my clit.

Up and down, I used the length of his cock to pleasure me.

Pre-cum escaped the head of his cock, mixing with my own arousal. Before long, his hips began to move, adding to my pleasure.

“Fuck,” I groaned when the friction became too much. The leg that touched the floor began to shake uncontrollably signaling my undoing. His grip on me tightened and then I was lifted. He hooked my legs in the crook of his arms and took over our mutual torture using his hips.

“God. I need…”

“Just give the command,” he reminded.

“Fu—fuck me, please.”

He didn’t hesitate to obey, slamming inside of me without mercy—determined to take what we both needed. The force once again rattled the shelves next to us. A knick-knack that didn’t belong to us toppled to the floor.

It wasn’t enough to stop the frenzy of his powerful hips as he forced me to take everything he promised to give. My cries echoed around us as I desperately clung to him.

I needed more.

I was still in control, wasn’t I?

“If you’re going to fuck me then fuck me,” I challenged. “Don’t hold back.”

His body jerked, and he stopped moving inside me. He looked at me for only a split second and then he moved.

His hand around my nape surprised me, but I definitely wasn’t prepared to be tossed on the floor like garbage. I landed on my hands, and the impact vibrated through my hands and up my arms.

I didn’t have time to recover before he was on me.

My hips were lifted in the air.

He forced his way inside me once again.

The impact was enough to steal my breath away, and I loved every second of it.

“Am I holding back now?” he mocked. My answer was a pitiful, high-pitched sound. His dark chuckle shook my core. “Be careful what you ask for.”

And like always with Keiran, I had no idea what I was getting myself into whenever I provoked him purposely. I craved his slow careful, loving. But I couldn’t deny that sometimes I needed it like this—like he still hated me.

I looked over my shoulder to see his darkened eyes and his teeth clenched in a silent growl, so I leaned forward on my elbows, creating a deeper arch and threw my ass back, matching his force.

“I know exactly what I want, Masters. Do you?”

He forced my cheek against the floor with a strong hand at my nape and pumped hard with his hips three times. “It will always be you,” he answered raggedly. I felt him release inside me immediately after, and I came with a silent cry.

He collapsed next to me while I stayed put. I went into this with control and yet I felt used and dirty. I smiled against the carpeting and turned my head to see him with his eyes shut tight and his chest heaving.

I decided I could watch him forever, but then he stood and helped me up, leaving me to wonder if forever was overestimated. He searched my eyes appearing unsure.

“I’m okay,” I said, reading his mind.

He pushed away stray hair sticking to my face. “Was I too rough?”

“Yes.” He frowned and opened his mouth, ready to apologize. “And I liked it.”

“Only liked it?”

“You don’t really need me to give praise to your dick, do you?” He only stared back at me expectantly. I suppressed an eyeball and said unenthusiastically, “Oh, Keiran, you’re a sex machine—the king. Your dick is the biggest and so awesome. You rocked my world, baby… How’s that?”

His lips quirked—the only sign of his amusement. “Could use some improvement, but I’ll take it.”

I snorted and leaned against him. My legs were no longer able to hold me up without support. Keiran noticed so he lifted me and headed for the stairs.

“We need to go. It’s a long ride.”

“Not with your come making a sticky mess between my thighs. I need a shower first.” His gaze shot down to the area in question and his face twisted in agony for round two. “Join me?”

* * *

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