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“Do you want to talk about it?” I looked up to see her take a sip of her coffee and to stare at me over the rim of her cup. I could tell she found it amusing. Even though I couldn’t see her lips, I knew she was smirking.

“I didn’t take you for a coffee person,” I commented, ignoring her question.

She shrugged and took another sip. “It keeps me from crawling back into bed and staying there. It was either this or alcohol.” My mouth suddenly felt dry, so I took a sip of orange juice. Or maybe I just needed a distraction.

“So do you?” she repeated.

“No. I think I saw enough. More than enough,” I added.

“Did you touch yourself?”

I regrettably spit out the second sip of orange juice I had just taken. She looked down in disgust at the mess I had made and then handed me a napkin.

“What?” I coughed.

“I’m just wondering if you were shocked by more than just catching the act. Maybe you were turned on?”

“Oh God, no,” I groaned in horror. She burst into laughter, and I knew it was at my expense. “You’re fucking with me,” I guessed with narrowed eyes.

“Yeah, just a little. Have you never been caught in the act before?”

“Yeah, actually, I have.” I could tell my admission surprised her.



An involuntary shiver wracked my body at the memory of Keiran fucking me without mercy over his father’s kitchen table. Keenan had walked in and taunted me about how much I shamefully enjoyed the harsh pounding fuck. Something in his voice told me he may have even known I liked being watched, too.

It was something I’d never admit to Keiran. He was too possessive, so it was a good thing I didn’t have a burning desire or fetish for voyeurism. The possibility of being caught only served as something to tip the edge.

“That doesn’t surprise me. He’s a little shit. He probably walked in on purpose.”

“Yeah, probably,” I agreed absentmindedly. My mind wasn’t on Keenan. I was craving the feel of his older brother taking me.

Maybe I should go home.

“I walked in on Dash and Willow, too,” I offered just to dim the heat.

“Now that I’d love to see. Dash is yummy.”

“Sorry. Willow’s got that locked down with no plans to free him, ever.”

“I don’t want to claim him. I just want to ride his face and maybe anything else he has to offer.”

If I had juice in my mouth that time, I definitely would have made an even bigger mess. “Too much,” I protested with a laugh.

“Sorry. I’ll keep it in my pants,” she sighed.

“Q might get jealous.” I was instigating. I needed to know if something was or could be between them, but her eyes only darkened with anger, and maybe shame.

“I’m nothing but a dirty memory to Q. A dirty memory he’s already forgotten.”

The regret in her voice was heartbreaking, and I wondered once again at the past Q and Di shared. I realized the silence that fell between had stretched too long. Her eyes were downcast, and she was no longer eating. I searched for a way to unfuck this situation and rescue my foot, yet again.

“I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Maybe I should have had a drink,” she murmured. A knock at the door saved me from answering that. The last thing Di needed to do was ignore her problems, but I doubt she’d listen anyway. She disappeared to answer the door, and I put our dishes in the sink.

“What are you doing here and who are you?” I heard her say.


“Is she here?” I heard Q question.


“Is who here?”

“Don’t fuck with me, Diana.”

“Oooh, Diana. So formal considering our history. You do remember you used to fuck my brains out when we were little more than tots, don’t you?”

I hurried to the door and turned the corner in time to see Keiran’s face twist with disgust. Beside him was an equally pissed off Q and a disturbed Jesse, whose astonishment mirrored my own. I was still sore with him so I couldn’t muster any sympathy for him.

Keiran noticed me almost immediately. He pushed past Di and into the apartment. He was crazy mad. It was all there in his storm-gray eyes.

“Are you fucking crazy?”

“Keiran, I told you last night I can’t do this with you right now.”

“You come here of all places?”

“What’s wrong with here?”

“Yeah,” Di cosigned. “What’s wrong with here?”

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