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“Come with me,” he growled.

He didn’t give me a chance to speak as he took my arm, leading me to his car parked nearby. I attempted to gauge his mood, but he avoided meeting my gaze, so I was left wondering as he got in and drove off. My phone buzzed shortly after with a text from Willow.

I glanced at Keiran in the driver’s seat. The muscle in his jaw clenched, and his knuckles were nearly white as he gripped the steering wheel. The engine of the car raced as he pushed it faster than the speed limit allowed.

Don’t go home with him, Willow’s text said.

He won’t hurt me, I texted back and immediately silenced my phone. I knew who Keiran once was just as I know him now. He wouldn’t hurt me, and I wouldn’t let him if he tried.

We pulled into Keenan and Sheldon’s driveway and he cut the engine. We listened to the car settle in silence as the rain began to lightly fall.

“How was I released so early? Shouldn’t I have been brought before a judge before making bail?”

“There was never a warrant for your arrest.”

“Come again?”

“They never had probable cause that you were the one to murder Mitch so a warrant was never issued. You were taken under false pretenses. It was a set-up.”

“But how can that be? I—” I stopped when I realized the hole I was digging was just getting deeper with each word spoken.

Keiran’s eyes dilated until he was seething with anger. “You what? Are you about to tell me you killed my father?” When I stared ahead, he punched out at the steering wheel causing the horn to blare. My guilt was written in my silence. “Damn it, Lake!”

“Calm down.” I refused to cower no matter how intimidating he could be.

“Don’t fucking say that. Don’t tell me to calm down.”

“I’m not fighting with you in the car, Keiran.” I snatched his keys from the ignition and yanked open the door. Storming to the door, I left him to follow or sulk alone in the rain.

“Get back here!”

The rain was pounding down hard now, drowning out his roar. I ignored him and threw open the front door. I guessed everyone decided to leave Keiran and me to sort out our shit since we were completely alone.

“Lake.” I could hear his footsteps pounding the floor after me.

“I told you, Keiran. Calm down and we’ll talk.”

“We talk now.”

“I spent a night in jail for the first time. I need aspirin and a hot bath—and in that order.”

I took the first step when I left his hand on my upper arm. “Don’t walk away from me. Look at me.” His voice was rough with grit and desperation and I couldn’t bring myself to deny him. I met his eyes and saw the pain in them. He dropped his hand from my arm and wrapped his hands around my waist, tugging me closer. “What’s happening?”

“I don’t know.” But I wish I did.

“Did I do this to you?”

“What do you think you did?” My voice and heart were pleading because I didn’t understand the look in his eyes. He looked confused, heartbroken, and ready to bolt.

“Did my being with you turn you into this? I don’t even know you.”

“What is there to know, Keiran? Everyone always says how weak I am. How you’ll destroy me. How I can’t handle you. I just wanted to prove them wrong, and I wanted to protect you.”

“You killed my father, Lake.”

“I did it for you.”

“Yeah? What would make you think I would ever be okay with this?” he asked forcefully.

When I couldn’t find the answer, he turned and walked away from me, and I felt my world crumble right before my eyes.

Chapter Five


She wanted to protect me? Why did it sound as if she couldn’t trust me? She lied to me and emasculated me with one blow, but worst of all, she put herself at risk. I let her go because maybe she was right. I needed to calm down before I did something I’d regret. I heard her ascend the stairs as I took a seat in the living room. I listened to the water run and cursed my mind when it ventured to thoughts of her naked. I even pictured her covered in suds, wet, and wanting.

My dick stretched the material of my jeans, and I suddenly felt hot all over. I had to sleep without her last night, and the reminder refueled my anger until I was on my feet, shedding my shirt dampened by the rain. The water had already shut off, and I pictured her waiting for me in the steaming water.

Up the stairs and across the landing, I shed jeans and shoes until I was naked and standing in front of the bathroom door. When I didn’t hear a sound, I pushed open the door and found her head back as she slept. She was completely encased in bubbles, her body hidden by the soapy water. I wanted in.

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