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The bodyguard gripped my arm, and I immediately began to struggle. The scream that was building up from my lungs was cut short by the deep voice and unmistakable sound of a round entering the chamber of a gun.

“Take your fucking hands off her, and I’ll let you live another day.”

Keiran? I said a silent prayer of thanks that my tormentor/ex-lover had a tendency to stalk me.

“Why, Keiran—”

“I’m not interested in small talk. Tell your dog to obey or this bullet goes in your head.” I followed the sight of the barrel down an extended arm encased in black until I was finally able to see Keiran’s formidable expression. He’s here.

“You are trespassing on dangerous grounds, son.”

“I’m sure I can make it up to you,” he retorted sarcastically.

“I hope she’s worth it then because this will cost you dearly.”

“Her worth is none of your business. His hands. Now.” Arthur nodded to the henchman and my arms were released. I wanted to rub them in comfort but didn’t want my hands where his had just been.

“Lake, get in the car,” he ordered without taking his eyes off the two men. I hesitated because I was more than reluctant to leave him alone, but when Keiran turned his head slowly and met my eyes, I moved to obey as a chilled shiver ran down my spine.

Chapter Seventeen


“That was a bold move, son. Risky and stupid. It’s exactly why I need you working for me.”

I watched Monroe close the car door to make sure she was safe before I stuck my gun back into my waist. I was one wrong word away from blowing his head off his shoulders.

“Don’t ever touch her again. I don’t care how far your reach goes. I will kill you for her even if I have to die in the process. Are we clear?”

“I was prepared to take her as compensation. I haven’t heard from you since your release. The release I orchestrated. Why is that?”

“I’m busy with school.”

“Is that so?”

“I have to finish.”

“I’m not interested in your education. What I have in mind for you doesn’t require a degree or diploma. I don’t want your brains. I want your soul.”

“And you don’t think anyone will question if I disappear? You got me out on bail, but you didn’t make the charges go away. I still have a noose hanging around my neck and can’t leave the state or even the county. Do you really want to chance being brought down for aiding and abetting? And then there’s my uncle.”

“He can be taken care of.” It was meant as a threat, but what he didn’t know was I didn’t harbor any familial feelings for my uncle.

He chuckled after a while and turned to regard his bulldog. “Are you seeing this kid? No emotion. Nothing.” He turned back to face me with a curious expression. “You don’t have much give, do you, boy?”

“I don’t have time for this.” I spun on my heel and started for my car. I needed to make sure she was okay. I was kicking myself for letting her out of my sight. I told her about the organization, but what she didn’t know was I had only scratched the surface. She had no idea of the shit she was almost dragged into. If he had succeeded and taken her…

“Keiran.” My name caused me to stop in my tracks. His tone was no longer charming and easygoing. I had crossed the line but was beyond caring.


“My fondness for you, and most dangerously, my patience, is wearing thin. I had to pull a lot of strings to get you out, and in return, you promised me an important package. However, my sources have reported to me you may not be able to deliver… or maybe that you had no intention to do so.”


I managed to keep a straight face but felt my muscles bunch and strain. I’ve been too distracted with this mini war with Monroe to cover my tracks. He had me caught in a corner, but I wasn’t about to give anything away until I knew how much he knew. “Well, then, I guess you should recheck your resources.”

“Are you saying you aren’t collaborating with Mario to infiltrate my organization? Because if you are, I have to say…” he waggled his finger, “it wouldn’t make me the happiest man. I may be forced to do something irreversible.”

“There is nothing you can do to me I haven’t prepared for my entire life.”

A conspiratorial grin bared his white teeth. “I hear you have a brother. Is he still checked in at that hospital? Let’s see… what was it called…”

“Don’t fucking think about it.”

“I’ll do more than think about it. The question is—are you going to make me have to prove a point?”

“I said I’ll give you Mario and I will—”

“Not soon enough. I could just kill you and the girl right here and now, but that idea doesn’t appeal to me as much, so how about I sweeten the deal?”

“You don’t have anything I want.”

“No, but your brother does.” He made me wait a beat before he clarified. “He needs a lung, does he not?”

“How do you know that?” I gritted. I was going to have Mario increase security at the hospital as soon as this was over.

“Connections and money, dear boy. It is the very reason you are standing here now. It is also how I will be able to procure your brother a lung.”

“Come again?”

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