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Hunger was a monster that clawed and raged. It had been with him since he’d laid eyes on his lifemate, heard her speak and knew she was the one. It had torn at him every rising, yet even in his most savage moment, love tempered his touch. He kept his mind in hers, wanting her pleasure above all else, above his own.

She had given herself to him, body and soul, placing her absolute trust in him, a priceless gift he would treasure above all else. Her body was flushed, her eyes glazed, her h*ps bucked under his assault, but with every surge of his hips, every gasp she drew, there was pleasure streaking through her—through him.

He set a wild pace, and she followed. He knew she would. He had sensed the building passion in her, and no matter how fragile she was, she had a core of solid steel. She was determined to match him. His control slipped even more.

Tell me you want this, sívamet. Tell me I can lose myself in you.

His love for her was ferocious, consuming them both, and his discipline was fast dissolving before the urgency of his need.

Always, my love. Anything.

He closed his eyes briefly for a moment, listening to her voice. There was no hesitation, but there was that little edge of trepidation. She wasn’t afraid of him, only of the rising pleasure, rolling over her in waves now and the tightening coil of tension in her body, begging for release. She meant what she said, giving herself generously, wanted—no—needing to be what he needed.

He penetrated deep, allowing the fire pouring over him to take him to another place. The breath hissed out of him as he reared back and plunged deep. With every furious stroke, her body surrounded his, tight and hot, stroking and squeezing. Her strangled moans and gasping chant added to his pleasure, and filled him with the most protective of instincts.

Her head tossed back and forth, her body flushed, her br**sts swaying temptingly as her h*ps rose to meet his. She was beautiful, with her eyes slightly glazed and the shock on her face. The little sounds she made resonated right through his c*ck adding to the fire that only seemed to grow hotter and hotter.

He was close, the power in his body coiling tighter and tighter, ready for release, but he refused to allow the pleasure to end. He gathered her h*ps tightly, holding her still, pushing them both into another realm where the exquisite pleasure skated close to pain.

Skyler could feel the thickness and length of him driving into her, stretching her, forcing her tight body to allow his invasion. She was so hot and slick, surrounding him with fire. The erotic tension winding so tight in her refused to release, refused to give her the time to catch her breath.

Skyler felt her body melting around his, and she cried his name, gripping his shoulders as the tension coiled so tight the edges of mind began to blur, to go dark. It was too much for her, too perfectly beautiful and too terribly frightening. She was losing herself in him, in pleasure, in their bodies coming together in a frenzy of heat and fire.

“Stay with me, sívamet,” he whispered roughly, his mouth moving over her neck, teeth nipping and scraping. “Soar with me.”

As always, just the sound of his voice calmed her, and she let go, knowing he would catch her, that he would keep her safe. Her body gripped his so tightly that she heard his roar of release and felt the hot spurts of seed filling her. Wave after wave rocked her body, but his arms were around her, holding her tight. She felt the ripples in her stomach, down her thighs, up to her br**sts. Thunder roared in her ears. Her body clamped down hard, like a vise, around his while wave after wave of pleasure tore through her.

Skyler buried her face against his shoulder, gasping for breath, aftershocks rocking her, nearly as strong as the orgasm that had taken her over. He rolled them both over so they were on their sides, still locked together. She could feel his struggle for every breath. A fine sheen of sweat dampened his body. Even his long hair was damp.

She nuzzled his shoulder, pressing kisses along his collarbone. They were a tangle of legs and thighs, and she never wanted to untangle. He pulsed and throbbed inside of her. When he could move, it was toward her breast, and she changed position slightly to give him better access. The movement caused another rogue wave to burst through her body.

He licked at her nipple and then caught it gently between his teeth, tugging and then suckling strongly, bringing her fully into the heat of his mouth. His arm went around her, hand sliding down her back to her bottom. She had never realized just how sensitive the nerves were there. His every touch sent another spasm of pleasure through her core.

They lay together in silence while their hearts slowed down and their bodies cooled—a little. She had to admit to herself she loved his hands and mouth on her.

When he finally lifted his head to look down at her, his body slowly, reluctantly leaving hers, she had the urge to stop him. His eyes were so blue, so brilliant, and he looked at her with so much love, she wanted to cry. He was the true miracle, no matter what he thought, and she was determined to make him happy she was his lifemate.

“Csitri, I doubt I will ever be able to show you your true worth,” he told her softly. “You don’t understand what you mean to me.”

There were no words to explain to him what a miracle he was. He had given her the gift of making love, something she had been absolutely certain she’d never have in her life. More, she could lie next to him, completely na**d and vulnerable and feel as if she was the safest woman in the world. She wanted to be na**d beside him. She wanted him to touch her whenever he needed or—or simply desired. She loved stroking her fingers down his shaft just to feel him tremble at her touch. Who would ever have thought she would have a man such as Dimitri love her?

“I’ll understand how much I mean to you someday, probably a long time from now,” she said, “but it really doesn’t matter right at this moment. All that matters to me is that you gave me this incredible gift. I love you all the more for it.”


“The council members are inside,” Fen greeted them. “Waiting.” He pinned his brother with an appraising eye.

“They’ve been waiting the last six nights,” Zev added. “We thought for certain you would be here last night.”

Skyler blushed and glanced up at Dimitri’s impassive face. Clearly, he couldn’t care less that he’d kept the council waiting. They hadn’t left the bed the night before. Dimitri had taught her all kinds of intriguing things she would much rather be doing than standing before the Lycan council with the prince looking on.

She had made certain that Dimitri looked exactly as he had before she’d healed him the night before. She wanted the Lycans to see the evidence of their medieval tortures. She slipped her hand into Dimitri’s for comfort. She didn’t especially want to see any of these people.

At once she had his undivided attention. What is it, csitri?

One word from her and they would turn and walk away. Dimitri wouldn’t care what others thought of him. He never had. He was a man who went his own way. It was tempting to use that power she knew she had, but it was wrong. This meeting was important. She took a deep breath and let it out.

I’m just steeling myself to meet the prince again. Well, because she wasn’t going to lie to him, that and seeing these Lycans.

Zev is Lycan and he’s a good man.

She gave a little indelicate sniff of disdain. Maybe he is, but he didn’t save you when he should have.

Dimitri’s amusement filled her mind. Why, Skyler Rose. You carry a grudge.

So true. She stared at the tree nearest the elite hunter.

Above his head, a hive rocked and bees came pouring out.

I believe in revenge, she added complacently.

Fen flung his hands into the air, building a shield fast to keep them all from being stung by the angry bees. It took him a couple of moments to notice not a single bee came near any of them but Zev. He glared at his brother.

“I didn’t do it,” Dimitri proclaimed.

Skyler put on her most innocent face. “Nature is so unpredictable.”

“Isn’t it?” Fen said wryly. “Is it safe to let you inside?”

Skyler shrugged, unrepentant. “Only if those inside didn’t issue a death by silver order on my lifemate.”

Zev burst out laughing. “Lord, Dimitri, you have your hands full.”

Dimitri tightened his fingers around Skyler’s, bringing her hand to his chest, right over his heart. “I’m well aware of that. She’s Dragonseeker. I would expect nothing less.”

“Related to Tatijana and Branislava?” Zev asked, interest creeping into his tone.

Fen groaned. “Give it up, Zev. Seriously, you’re like a wolf with a bone.”

“I just asked if she’s related,” Zev pointed out. “And if you keep it up, we’re going to be crossing swords.”

Fen laughed. “I’m not drawing my sword around you. We could use lightning bolts.”

Zev’s eyebrow shot up. “I haven’t quite mastered that yet, but I might ask Skyler for lessons in keeping bees.”

“I’m still angry with you,” Skyler said. “So any spell I give you could backfire.”

“Well, at least you warned me,” Zev said. “I understand why you’re angry with me. I’m angry with me right now. I don’t understand completely yet what is happening with my people. None of us understand. The council members swear they didn’t issue the order for Moarta de argint, in fact, they claim just the opposite—that Dimitri was to be kept safe at all times.”

“Why weren’t you with him?” Skyler asked. “If you’re the one trusted by the council, why wouldn’t they have you guarding a prisoner so important?”

“I was taken behind his back,” Dimitri explained, his voice gentle. “Fen and I were fighting the Sange rau. Zev and his hunters were with the prince, fighting off the rogue pack. The two men who grabbed me were from Zev’s pack, but they should have been with those guarding Mikhail.”

“Dimitri and I had gone off on our own without letting Zev know what we were doing,” Fen clarified. “At the time he wasn’t aware we both were of mixed blood, and we wanted to keep it that way for obvious reasons.”

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