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Martin faced Aric. “You will take your Warriors to Chaitén and obtain the first stone.”

Uri in turn addressed me. “Celia, we’re counting on you to locate the second stone. Young Daniel will accompany you. The Elders have also agreed to send one of their fiercest weres to aid you on your quest.”

I looked to Koda, Gemini, and Liam, expecting it to be one of them. I wasn’t expecting nor happy to see Tye step forward, flashy dimple and all. “What’s the matter, dovie? You can’t go to Africa and not get some lion action.”

“No.” Both Aric and Misha growled at once.

“We’re not asking for your permission or advice,” Anara snapped at them. “This is the plan whether you wish it so or not.”

Makawee placed her hand on Aric’s shoulder as he continued to growl. “Tye has been chosen based on his fighting abilities and his many talents. He is among our most valued Alliance members and will no doubt be a tremendous asset to Celia.”

Misha’s blatant disapproval swept into the room like a breeze—a really annoyed, possibly menopausal breeze. “I insist on accompanying Celia.”

Uri adjusted his ridiculous opera cape without bothering to acknowledge him. “No,” he said simply.

“Then one of my family, Grandmaster.”

I now pictured myself hiking across the plains of Africa with Catholic schoolgirls in tow. It wasn’t a pretty picture. Neither was the way Misha continued to argue with Uri.

Uri’s stare softened, to my relief. Misha’s actions could have been interpreted as a challenge. I considered the extent of Uri’s power. Whether he had a soul or not, I wasn’t positive Misha could take him. Uri grasped Misha’s shoulders. “My son, no vampires shall accompany Celia on her journey. Many days may pass without any human contact. I will not risk one of us acquiring bloodlust, nor can I allow those on the expedition to be used as food. That is my final order.”

Aric glowered at Tye with enough resentment to burn. “Celia cannot go with just Danny and . . . him. We don’t know what she’ll face and her safety is of tremendous importance.”

Anara locked eyes with him. “Celia is welcome to bring any additional Alliance members she wishes—except you.”

Taran tossed her hair back. “She doesn’t need Alliance members. She has her sisters. We’ll go with her.”

Their wolves tensed. Koda and Gemini appeared on the verge of changing. The muscles in their faces twitched, but both managed to keep their control. I started to object, only to have Makawee interrupt with her soft, reassuring voice. “Taran, I deeply admire your love for your sister and ask your forgiveness for the request I am to make of you.” Taran relaxed her stance—whether to be respectful or from surprise, I wasn’t sure. I only knew Makawee appeared to appreciate her less defiant posture as she continued. “I wish to ask you to join Aric and his Warriors on their mission to Chaitén. We have learned that one of the Tribesmen guarding the sacred stone is an extremely powerful witch. While our Warriors are gifted in many ways, sorcery eludes them, and so does the fire. The demon wields flame as a weapon. I fear we need a fire wielder of our own to assist them. You would be a tremendous advantage, and I have no doubt that, with Gemini as your mate, you will be kept from harm.”

Taran looked from me to Gemini, her torn expression obvious in the way she took us in. I refused to allow her to choose between us. “Go ahead, Taran. If you’re going to do this, it’s best you stay with Gemini.”

Emme wrung her hands nervously. It was a rare occurrence for the four of us not to fight as a family. Still, she recognized the need for Taran’s power on Aric’s team. She tried to smile despite her obvious worry. Shayna slung an arm around Taran. “Go with them, dude. We’ll keep each other safe.”

Taran jutted out her chin. “Okay, Makawee. I’ll accompany Aric’s team. But only if Celia can take another of his Warriors.”

Anara’s teeth grinding made it clear Taran’s request was out of line. She didn’t seem to care, and neither did Koda. He stepped forward and bowed. “Great Elders, I respectfully ask to accompany Celia’s team. Shayna is my mate and I would like to assure her safety and that of her family.”

“No,” Anara said stiffly. “She will only distract you from your goal.”

Koda’s tumultuous dark eyes blazed with volatility. Aric took hold of his arm. His actions, while assertive, did little to silence Koda. “You allow Gemini to stay with Taran, but you will not allow me to be with my wife?”

The sound of wolves howling followed the surge in Anara’s power and anger. “Gemini has the ability to split into two wolves, one who can continue with the mission at all costs and one who can protect his mate. Unless you have suddenly developed this gift, you are to accompany Aric.”

“Anara, my mate—”

“Miakoda, she voluntarily chooses to be with her sister. No one is forcing her to do anything. I will hear no more on this subject.” Like the flick of switch, the song of wolves ended.

I seriously thought Koda was going to attack Anara, and apparently so did Shayna. She left Taran to wrap her arms around him. He returned her embrace. While it did not completely soothe his rage, it calmed him enough not to make a move against his Elder.

A bunch of swearwords ran through my head. Damn, I hated Anara. He returned my glare with equal loathing and likely a little more. Any sane person would have dropped her eyes immediately. It was a shame I sometimes felt sanity was overrated. “Is there something you wish to say, Celia?”

Uri placed himself in front of me. I stumbled back a little when a touch of his vampiric magic brushed against my shoulders. He was flexing his power to both me and the wolves, despite his deceptively pleasant smile. “Leave her alone, Anara,” he said. “Celia is family and friend.”

“Among other things,” Anara added scornfully. Aric bellowed a hideous growl, shaking the glass wall. Misha covered my mouth and hauled me to the door as Anara swerved toward Aric. “You dare challenge your Elder?”

Martin stepped between Aric and Anara, his dark face twisting with anger. “Do you expect Aric to ignore such blatant disrespect to his mate? Enough of this childish behavior, Anara.”

Makawee’s soothing power flickered and encased the furious wolves. It was Aric, though, whom she specifically addressed. “Aric, calm, please.”

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