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Our groans were loud and our gasps harsh. His neck craned when I took hold of him, the cords straining as I stroked and pulled exactly how he liked. I slid to my knees to put him in my mouth, only for him to haul me back up. His need was too great; then again, so was mine. He fastened his arm around my waist and pinned me against the wall. I spread my legs for him and moved the crotch of my panties aside—there was no time to take them off. He held me close and used his free hand to ease himself inside of me.

Aric’s size always made him work to enter me. My body was excited to receive him, but it still wasn’t enough and I’d grown impatient. I fastened my ankles around his back and forced him into me.

We both let out howls of pleasure mixed with pain. For a moment neither of us moved. We locked eyes and continued to pant as my body relaxed and fully accepted his. Then something in him changed, a feral hunger that needed quenching. He kissed my lips just once and began to thrust. The ache was incredible and the position allowed him access to the perfect spot. He unsnapped the halter of my dress and played with my br**sts while I bit back my screams and rocked my hips.

Aric and I had always had a spicy love life. But the possibility of being caught along with trying to hold back our cries added to the intensity. We both climaxed quickly. He wouldn’t release me after he finished. As we continued to kiss, I decided to put all the hours of yoga training to good use. I pulled away and whispered, “Hang on.”

I placed my ankles on either side of his head, lighting the fire in Aric’s bedroom eyes. He released a hungry growl and powered into me once more. It hurt, but it was a good kind of pain. I whimpered while his deep, agonized moans filled the night. This time was longer and needier.

We finished together, barely managing to keep from screaming. My head fell against his shoulder when he lowered my legs to his waist. I breathed him and our lovemaking in, wishing more than anything our time didn’t have to end so soon. We kept our stance until we caught our breaths and then slowly he released me.

Aric watched me re-dress while he fumbled to fasten his pants. I giggled when he slid on a small patch of ice in his haste to return to me. He grinned, gathering me in his arms. His lips met mine softly with a taste so addicting my soul begged for more. As our kiss ended we smiled and focused on each other in silence. Sometimes words weren’t so important.

Our brief happiness was interrupted by the familiar ringtone on his cell, announcing he was needed by his Elders. Aric ignored it, but the insistent ring forced the smile from his face. Sadness consumed the air around us. Nothing had changed. We still couldn’t be together.

The phone continued to ring and I knew we could pretend no longer. We hugged tightly, taking a moment to breathe in each other’s scents. I didn’t speak. Because speaking meant saying good-bye, and I couldn’t do it again. So I took the opposite path and walked away from him quickly. As I made my way up a small hill, the sound of breaking glass had me veering back.

Aric was gone. On the ground, in small shattered pieces lay the remains of his phone.


I never made it back to the ballroom, and bumped into my sisters in the foyer. They explained that the wolves had gone to prepare the pack for an emergency mission.

Emme approached me cautiously, her face distraught with worry. “Celia, there’s something we need to tell you.”

Their stress fired up my beast. “What’s wrong?”

She turned to Taran. Taran stepped forward and looked me directly in the eyes. “Celia, Aric is majorly pissed and being a prick. He’s all upset over that freak’s prediction, and he’s convinced you want to make vampire babies with Misha.”

I nodded and tried to choose my words with care. “Okay,” I managed.

My sisters blinked back at me, obviously confused I wasn’t more upset. Shayna placed her hand on my shoulder. “He left with those slutty girls, Ceel. We think he’s with them.” I didn’t react. “You know, with them in his room.” She gaped at my unfrazzled expression as if I’d lost my mind. “Right now.”

“I see.” My reaction to their news was clearly not what they had expected. They looked at me like I’d been cracked in the head with a few bowling pins and possibly the ball.

Taran flicked her carefully manicured nails. “All righty, then . . . So, where the hell have you been?”

“I went for a walk.” I cleared my throat. “And, um, got some air.”

Emme frowned. “In this cold?”

“It wasn’t so bad.” In fact, it was really hot.

Shayna stared at me, but it wasn’t just because of my loopy responses.

“Something wrong?” I asked her.

She leaned in and took a sniff. “You smell different.”

I backed away slightly. “What do you mean?” I asked, even though I knew exactly what she meant.

“I’m not saying you smell bad, Ceel, just different.” She took another whiff and nodded pensively. “Hmm, it’s a familiar scent, though. No—wait . . . It’s not just one aroma you carry, but two. Hmm . . . what is that? It’s kind of like warm musk . . .”

Panic spread like a rash across my face. Emme and Taran exchanged glances, confused by my flushing cheeks. I grabbed Shayna by the arm and squeezed tight. “Shayna, zip it. Zip it now!”

“Ouch! Celia! What’s the big deal? I’m just trying to—” She clamped her hands over her mouth and muffled a scream. When her eyes bugged out, I knew for sure she had figured things out.

Yep. That’s right. I smell like sex and Aric. My gaze locked on hers. She nodded once, finally comprehending that now was definitely not the time to talk.

“Celia!” Hank called from near the door. He held my coat and waved me forward. “The master is waiting for you.”

I said good-bye to my sisters and exchanged one last look with Shayna before leaving. There was no way to camouflage my aroma and I worried how Misha would react.

All heads snapped in my direction the moment I entered the limo. Misha’s vampires looked at me, then at him, and vanished. There was a slight breeze when doors shut behind them, but then nothing. Only an icy stillness remained. I sat in the seat facing him.

His fangs protruded and clenched so tight I thought they’d snap. His glare was threatening, malicious, and so very cold. I used my coat to shield his stare. Not because I was afraid—and not because I was ashamed. I couldn’t quite place what I felt then. I’d seen the fury in Misha’s eyes countless times before, although it had never been directed at me. Perhaps he felt I deserved it. If so, he was wrong.

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