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I stopped in the middle of putting my pants on. “Did you put him to sleep already?” I was begging her to tell me yes.

“No. He went wolf and took off.” I heard her tap her nails against something hard. “I shouldn’t tell you this, but I think you have a right to know. Gemini says the burden of continuing his species and being without you has taken a toll on Aric’s animal and human forms. Gem is . . . worried Aric’s beast is rising to the surface and taking over the man.”

I straightened and let the hem of my jeans fall from my grasp. “What does that mean exactly?”

“It’s his wolf’s way of trying to keep him strong and protect him from his pain, Ceel,” Shayna answered hesitantly. “The problem is, his beast isn’t as reasonable or patient—and if his present condition worsens he’ll eventually just stay wolf. Koda says it happens sometimes . . . when weres are deprived of their mates.”

I closed my eyes and tightened my jaw. “The Elders must obviously know this. Why—I can’t comprehend why they would allow him to lose his humanity!”

Taran chimed in. “Anara doesn’t care, Ceel. He can still order Aric to make pups with Barbara. All she has to do is take on her wolf form.” She scoffed. “I think that bridezilla from hell knows it and is trying to work the animal angle. When Aric changed just now, she did, too, and went after him.”

I missed my bed when I attempted to sit and ended up sprawled on the floor. I kicked off my jeans and rose on wobbly legs just when the door slammed open on the other end of the line and several pairs of feet trotted in.

“Hey, do you think Aric is finally going to mount Barbara?” Liam asked from somewhere in the room.

Emme gasped. I didn’t make a sound. I was too busy begging God to kill me.

“If he does, maybe he’ll stop being such a tight-ass bastard,” Bren said. He stomped away. His voice echoed as if he were yelling out the window. “Hey, Lorraine!”

“Her name is Barbara, moron,” Koda muttered.

“Like I give a shit. Hey, you! While you’re at it, take out that cougar Aric has rammed up his ass.”

“Bren, shut your snout. Celia is still on the phone!” Danny yelled.

“She is?” There were some rustling sounds and then Bren came on the line. “Hey, Ceel, how’s it going? Look, don’t worry about what I said. No one can make Aric scream like you can. One time I was hungry and stopped at your house for a bite. You probably didn’t know I was there since you guys were going at it like gorillas in heat—”

“Dude. Shut up!”

“Back off, Shayna. I’m trying to make her feel better about Aric bumping uglies with what’s her face.”

“Oh, my goodness, Bren,” Emme whispered. Like me, she probably couldn’t believe the words pouring out of his mouth.

“Anyway, you guys were inspirational. After I ate the sandwich and had some dessert—by the way, your blueberry pie rocks—I picked up a girl at a gas station and had one of the best lays of my life. Seriously, you guys should tour or some— Ow! What the hell?”

The sizzling sound alerted me that Taran had zapped him. She flipped out. “Everyone out before I jolt the shit out of you!”

There was a collective groan from the wolves in the room before I heard the shuffle of feet exiting. “Are you all right, Ceel?” Shayna asked.

“No. But I will be,” I answered, though I knew it was a total lie.

• • •

“Good morning, Misha.”

He was wearing his black silk pajama bottoms. And judging by the four exhausted and extremely pleased-looking women caressing him, he probably hadn’t slept a wink.

“The Elder Anara contacted me this morning. You have the assignment you claim your beast so desperately needs.” He paused to chuckle at the cringe-worthy suggestion Tramp Numero Uno whispered in his ear. “You will fly with a group of my vampires to Nicaragua today. A Tribe nest has been discovered. We need you to destroy it and the Tribemaster.”

A Tribe nest was where a Tribemaster bred with human women to make demon children for his army. I still had nightmares from my first encounter. These poor women were forced to carry the monsters to term and then died à la Alien-esque delivery. It wasn’t going to be an easy assignment, yet I was more than willing to take it. The supernatural war had claimed many innocents, and I’d grown sick of it. Even if Misha hadn’t recruited me and the Tribe hadn’t targeted me specifically, I still would have fought to take those ass**les down.

The task itself wasn’t what bothered me. I’d trained for it. What upset me was Misha’s callousness. His cold, dismissive tone coupled with kissing that leggy blonde . . . He had some nerve. It’s not like I’d expected he’d join me on assignments. After all, masters and Elders, like military generals, fought only when there was no other choice. Still, Misha didn’t have to behave like an idiot.

“Misha, I’d like to talk to you about last night—in private.”

Misha didn’t acknowledge me, but the brunette licking his chest stopped long enough to glare and speak for him. “Misha doesn’t have time for a little girl when he has women to keep him occupied.”

Okay, sister, you’re pissing me off. “What kind of women are you if he needs four of you to replace one of me?”

Misha tensed but still wouldn’t look at me. And except for the one kissing his lips, the remaining “women” scowled at me. Knocking them into oblivion would have accomplished nothing. They were only human—stupid, slutty, and probably diseased, but human nonetheless. Besides, Misha was just as responsible for their actions.

“Fine, Misha. If you don’t want to talk about last night, we won’t. Just tell me, is there anything else I need to know about the mission?” He finished his kiss and then began another one with a different groupie. The little patience I had left quickly disappeared. “I asked you if there was anything else,” I hissed.

“No. You will receive further instructions half past the hour. Go pack. Breakfast will be brought to the guesthouse. You are excused now.” He motioned me toward the door and returned to his entourage.

My rage forced my claws out. I turned and stormed out. Between Misha and everything going on with Aric, I had a lot of anger to unleash. The Tribesmen wouldn’t know what hit them.

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