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“He’s staying for supper, then heading off,” I said. It seemed that everybody had somewhere else to be. Even Dad was over at Levi’s house for their party. I was invited to a couple places but turned them down. Levi wasn’t interested in going far in his condition, although he didn’t want to stay at home and have all his parents’ friends fuss over him. His surgery was in a couple days, so he was understandably in a solemn mood.

The five of us settled down at the dining room table. I didn’t want to go too fancy tonight because I wasn’t sure what kind of food Stacey liked and Levi was no help. I did a basic chicken Caesar salad, ricotta gnocchi with creamy pesto sauce, bruschetta, and baked Alaska for dessert.

“Oh, wow!” Stacey exclaimed with a full mouth. “This is SO good.”

All right, maybe I’d wanted to impress her just a little.

“So,” Danielle said to me as she rubbed her tummy, “I think I have to end our friendship if I want to fit into my dress for the winter dance.”

“It’s six weeks away,” I reminded her.

“Oh, I’m only taking a break.” She eyed the remaining piece of baked Alaska in the center of the table. “I plan on stuffing my face more. I can start worrying about the dance next year.” She glanced at her watch. “I’ve got less than four hours.”

“Do you know who you’re going with?” Stacey asked Danielle.

Danielle raised her eyebrows. “There’s a certain drummer that I have my eye on.”

“Uh-oh,” I teased. “You know what they say about drummers?”

“That they have excellent rhythm,” Danielle deadpanned.

“No.” Levi looked at me. “That’s not it. Could you remind me, Macallan?”

“Oi, they’re so chuffed because they can bang a drum …” I started.

Levi graciously continued. “I been bangin’ on me table since I was a wee one. Where’s me groupies?”

“Dodgy, drummers are.”

Levi then delivered the punch line. “Blimey if I haven’t been bangin’ me head listenin’ to you lot.”

Danielle looked at the two of us. “Does anybody ever have any clue what you two go on and on about?”

“I do,” Levi and I said in unison.

Danielle looked at Stacey. “We should get out of here before I start banging my head.”

Not surprisingly, Danielle and Stacey left for their respective parties instead of hanging out with me and Levi. Adam stayed a while to help me with the dishes since Levi needed to rest his leg. Adam also helped me get Levi down to the basement so he could lie on the sectional’s chaise lounge.

“You need anything else?” Adam asked.

“I think we’re good.” I gave him a big hug. He high-fived Levi and then left us alone.

“Now, is there anything else I could get you?” I bowed down as if he was my master.

“It’s about time I get some respect from you.” He then gestured for me to twirl around.

“In your dreams.”

“Hey, it couldn’t hurt to ask.”

“I wouldn’t press your luck on that.” I lifted up a pillow and pretended to hit him.

“You wouldn’t hurt a man who’s in such a delicate condition, would you?” He stuck out his lip in a pout.

“You don’t know me very well.”

His eyes lit up. “Actually, I do. Could you hand me my bag?”

I obliged.

Levi dug around the duffel. “I have a surprise for you.” He then presented a DVD of the Buggy and Floyd Christmas Special.

“Where did you get this?” I knew it had aired in the UK a couple weeks ago, but I had no idea when it was coming stateside.

“I have connections.”

I tore open the case and put the disc in. “Did you watch it?”

“No way. Not without you.”

I didn’t know if I would’ve had the same willpower.

I curled up on the couch next to Levi. We both began singing the Buggy and Floyd theme song at the top of our lungs.

“Gah! I’m so excited!” I reached out to playfully punch Levi but stopped myself, not wanting to actually hit a man while he was down.

The special was an hour long, so we got double the Buggy. It was a surprisingly poignant episode. Generally, Floyd was getting Buggy out of whatever wild fiasco he’d gotten himself into. But within the first five minutes, Floyd left Buggy. “I can’t take your tomfoolery!” he exclaimed.

“Who’s Tom and who’s he foolin’?” Buggy replied, to the laughter of the studio audience.

“You’re a grown man, Theodore.” Floyd used Buggy’s proper name for the first time I could remember. “It’s time you act like it.” And he walked out.

“Wow,” I exclaimed. “I can’t believe Floyd did that.” I knew they were fictional characters, but this was so unlike them. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep watching. I liked my memories of them as the funny, quarreling duo.

“I know,” Levi said in a quiet voice. “I mean, it’s a miracle Floyd didn’t do it sooner. He can be so crotchety.”

I paused the DVD. “Did you just use the word crotchety?”

“Ah, yeah.” He looked at me incredulously. “All Floyd does is complain about Buggy and pretty much all of society. He’s always making little comments about how he doesn’t understand the way certain things are. Sure, it’s funny, but the fact he’s had enough of it isn’t that surprising.”

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